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Small leucine-rich proteoglycans inhibit CNS regeneration by modifying the structural and mechanical properties of the lesion environment

Julia Kolb, Vasiliki Tsata, Nora John, Kyoohyun Kim, Conrad Möckel, Gonzalo Rosso, Veronika Kurbel, Asha Parmar, Gargi Sharma, et al.

Nature Communications 14 6814 (2023) | Journal | PDF

Embracing the diversity of model systems to deconstruct the basis of regeneration and tissue repair

Aldine Amiel, Stephanie Tsai, Daniel Wehner

Development 150(3) dev.201579 (2023) | Journal


An exception to the rule? Regeneration of the injured spinal cord in the spiny mouse

Daniel Wehner, Catherina G. Becker

Developmental Cell 57(4) 415-416 (2022) | Journal

Mechanical spinal cord transection in larval zebrafish and subsequent whole-mount histological processing

Nora John, Julia Kolb, Daniel Wehner

STAR Protocols 3(1) (2022) | Journal | PDF


Matrix stiffness mechanosensing modulates the expression and distribution of transcription factors in Schwann cells

Gonzalo Rosso, Daniel Wehner, Christine Schweitzer, Stephanie Möllmert, Elisabeth Sock, Jochen Guck, Victor Shahin

Bioengineering & Translational Medicine e10257 (2021) | Journal | PDF

A unique macrophage subpopulation signals directly to progenitor cells to promote regenerative neurogenesis in the zebrafish spinal cord

Leonardo Cavone, Tess McCann, Louisa K. Drake, Erika A. Aguzzi, Ana-Maria Oprisoreanu, Elisa Pedersen, Soe Sandi, Jathurshan Selvarajah, Themistoklis M. Tsarouchas, et al.

Developmental Cell 56(11) 1617-+ (2021) | Journal

Know How to Regrow-Axon Regeneration in the Zebrafish Spinal Cord

Vasiliki Tsata, Daniel Wehner

Cells 10(6) 1404 (2021) | Journal | PDF

A switch in pdgfrb+ cell-derived ECM composition prevents inhibitory scarring and promotes axon regeneration in the zebrafish spinal cord

Vasiliki Tsata, Stephanie Möllmert, Christine Schweitzer, Julia Kolb, Conrad Möckel, Benjamin Böhm, Gonzalo Rosso, Christian Lange, Mathias Lesche, et al.

Developmental Cell 56(4) 509-524 (2021) | Journal


Reactive oligodendrocyte progenitor cells (re-)myelinate the regenerating zebrafish spinal cord

Vasiliki Tsata, Volker Kroehne, Daniel Wehner, Fabian Rost, Christian Lange, Cornelia Hoppe, Thomas Kurth, Susanne Reinhardt, Andreas Petzold, et al.

Development 147(24) dev193946 (2020) | Journal


Interaction of Axonal Chondrolectin with Collagen XIXa1 Is Necessary for Precise Neuromuscular Junction Formation

Ana-Maria Oprisoreanu, Hannah L. Smith, Sukrat Arya, Richard Webster, Zhen Zhong, Daniel Wehner, Marcos J. Cardozo, Thomas Becker, Kevin Talbot, et al.

Cell Reports 29(5) 1082-+ (2019) | Journal


Dynamic control of proinflammatory cytokines Il-1β and Tnf-α by macrophages in zebrafish spinal cord regeneration

Themistoklis M. Tsarouchas, Daniel Wehner, Leonardo Cavone, Tahimina Munir, Marcus Keatinge, Marvin Lambertus, Anna Underhill, Thomas Barrett, Elias Kassapis, et al.

Nature Communications 9 4670 (2018) | Journal | PDF

Restoration of anatomical continuity after spinal cord transection depends on Wnt/beta-catenin signaling in larval zebrafish

Daniel Wehner, Thomas Becker, Catherina G. Becker

Data in Brief 16 65-70 (2018) | Journal


Wnt signaling controls pro-regenerative Collagen XII in functional spinal cord regeneration in zebrafish

Daniel Wehner, Themistoklis M. Tsarouchas, Andria Michael, Christa Haase, Gilbert Weidinger, Michell M. Reimer, Thomas Becker, Catherina G. Becker

Nature Communications 8 126 (2017) | Journal


Spinal motor neurons are regenerated after mechanical lesion and genetic ablation in larval zebrafish

Jochen Ohnmacht, Yujie Yang, Gianna W. Maurer, Anton Barreiro-Iglesias, Themistoklis M. Tsarouchas, Daniel Wehner, Dirk Sieger, Catherina G. Becker, Thomas Becker

Development 143(9) 1464-1474 (2016) | Journal


Signaling networks organizing regenerative growth of the zebrafish fin

Daniel Wehner, Gilbert Weidinger

Trends in Genetics 31(6) 336-343 (2015) | Journal

Use of the TetON System to Study Molecular Mechanisms of Zebrafish Regeneration

Daniel Wehner, Christopher Jahn, Gilbert Weidinger

Journal of Visualized Experiments (100) e52756 (2015) | Journal

A Polyphenylene Dendrimer Drug Transporter with Precisely Positioned Amphiphilic Surface Patches

Rene Stangenberg, Yuzhou Wu, Jana Hedrich, Dennis Kurzbach, Daniel Wehner, Gilbert Weidinger, Seah Ling Kuan, Malin Insa Jansen, Fedor Jelezko, et al.

Advanced Healthcare Materials 4(3) (2015) | Journal

beta-Catenin-Dependent Control of Positional Information along the AP Body Axis in Planarians Involves a Teashirt Family Member

Hanna Reuter, Martin Maerz, Matthias C. Vogg, David Eccles, Laura Grifol-Boldu, Daniel Wehner, Suthira Owlarn, Teresa Adell, Gilbert Weidinger, et al.

Cell Reports 10(2) 253-265 (2015) | Journal


Mature osteoblasts dedifferentiate in response to traumatic bone injury in the zebrafish fin and skull

Karina Geurtzen, Franziska Knopf, Daniel Wehner, Leonie F. A. Huitema, Stefan Schulte-Merker, Gilbert Weidinger

Development 141(11) 2225-2234 (2014) | Journal

Wnt/beta-Catenin Signaling Defines Organizing Centers that Orchestrate Growth and Differentiation of the Regenerating Zebrafish Caudal Fin

Daniel Wehner, Wiebke Cizelsky, Mohankrishna Dalvoy Vasudevaro, Guenes Oezhan, Christa Haase, Birgit Kagermeier-Schenk, Alexander Roeder, Richard I. Dorsky, Enrico Moro, et al.

Cell Reports 6(3) 467-481 (2014) | Journal


Lypd6 Enhances Wnt/beta-Catenin Signaling by Promoting Lrp6 Phosphorylation in Raft Plasma Membrane Domains

Guenes Oezhan, Erdinc Sezgin, Daniel Wehner, Astrid S. Pfister, Susanne J. Kuehl, Birgit Kagermeier-Schenk, Michael Kuehl, Petra Schwille, Gilbert Weidinger

Developmental Cell 26(4) 331-345 (2013) | Journal

Notch signaling coordinates cellular proliferation with differentiation during zebrafish fin regeneration

Bartholomaeus Grotek, Daniel Wehner, Gilbert Weidinger

Development 140(7) 1412-1423 (2013) | Journal


Waif1/5T4 Inhibits Wnt/beta-Catenin Signaling and Activates Noncanonical Wnt Pathways by Modifying LRP6 Subcellular Localization

Birgit Kagermeier-Schenk, Daniel Wehner, Guenes Oezhan-Kizil, Hideki Yamamoto, Jian Li, Katharina Kirchner, Christian Hoffmann, Peter Stern, Akira Kikuchi, et al.

Developmental Cell 21(6) 1129-1143 (2011) | Journal

The D153del Mutation in GNB3 Gene Causes Tissue Specific Signalling Patterns and an Abnormal Renal Morphology in Rge Chickens

Hemanth Tummala, Stewart Fleming, Paul M. Hocking, Daniel Wehner, Zahid Naseem, Manir Ali, Christopher F. Inglehearn, Nikolai Zhelev, Douglas H. Lester

PLoS One 6(8) e21156 (2011) | Journal | PDF



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