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New self-dual additive F4-codes constructed from circulant graphs

Markus Grassl, Masaaki Harada

Discrete Mathematics 340 Preprint | PDF

Intensity-intensity correlations determined by dimension of quantum state in phase space: P-distribution

Gerd Leuchs, Roy J. Glauber, Wolfgang P Schleich

Physica Scripta 90(10) 108007 (2015) | Journal | PDF

Strong, spectrally-tunable chirality in diffractive metasurfaces

Israel De Leon, Matthew J. Horton, Sebastian A. Schulz, Jeremy Upham, Peter Banzer, Robert W. Boyd

Scientific Reports 5 13034 (2015) | Journal

Dimension of quantum phase space measured by photon correlations

Gerd Leuchs, Roy J. Glauber, Wolfgang P Schleich

Physica Scripta 90(7) 074066 (2015) | Journal | PDF

Thermal characterisation of (bio)polymers with a temperature-stabilised whispering gallery mode microsensor

Eugene Kim, Matthew R. Foreman, Martin D. Baaske, Frank Vollmer

Applied Physics Letters 106(16) 161101 (2015) | Journal

Light microscopy: an ongoing contemporary revolution

Siegfried Weisenburger, Vahid Sandoghdar

Contemporary Physics 56 123-143 (2015) | Journal

Compressing mu J-level pulses from 250 fs to sub-10 fs at 38-MHz repetition rate using two gas-filled hollow-core photonic crystal fiber stages

K. F. Mak, M. Seidel, O. Pronin, M. H. Frosz, A. Abdolvand, V. Pervak, A. Apolonski, F. Krausz, J. C. Travers, et al.

OPTICS LETTERS 40(7) 1238-1241 (2015) | Journal

Curved singular beams for three-dimensional particle manipulation

Juanying Zhao, Ioannis D. Chremmos, Daohong Song, Demetrios N. Christodoulides, Nikolaos K. Efremidis, Zhigang Chen

SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 5 12086 (2015) | Journal

3D Printing of Reduced Graphene Oxide Nanowires

Jung Hyun Kim, Won Suk Chang, Daeho Kim, Jong Ryul Yang, Joong Tark Han, Geon-Woong Lee, Ji Tae Kim, Seung Kwon Seol

ADVANCED MATERIALS 27(1) 157-161 (2015) | Journal

Nondiffracting chirped Bessel waves in optical antiguides

Ioannis Chremmos, Melpomeni Giamalaki


Superoscillatory field features with evanescent waves

Ioannis Chremmos, George Fikioris

OPTICS COMMUNICATIONS 356 482-487 (2015) | Journal

Microconstriction Arrays for High-Throughput Quantitative Measurements of Cell Mechanical Properties

Janina R. Lange, Julian Steinwachs, Thorsten Kolb, Lena A. Lautscham, Irina Harder, Graeme Whyte, Ben Fabry

BIOPHYSICAL JOURNAL 109(1) 26-34 (2015) | Journal

Magnon dark modes and gradient memory

Xufeng Zhang, Chang-Ling Zou, Na Zhu, Florian Marquardt, Liang Jiang, Hong X. Tang

Nature Communications 6 8914 (2015) | Journal | PDF

Topological Phases of Sound and Light

V. Peano, C. Brendel, M. Schmidt, F. Marquardt

Physical Review X 5(3) 031011 (2015) | Journal | PDF

Loss-compensated nonlinear modes and symmetry breaking in amplifying metal-dielectric-metal plasmonic couplers

Andrea Marini, Samudra Roy, Ajit Kumar, Fabio Biancalana

PHYSICAL REVIEW A 91(4) 043815 (2015) | Journal

Quantum-like nonseparable structures in optical beams

Andrea Aiello, Falk Toeppel, Christoph Marquardt, Elisabeth Giacobino, Gerd Leuchs

NEW JOURNAL OF PHYSICS 17 043024 (2015) | Journal

Contribution of third-harmonic and negative-frequency polarization fields to self-phase modulation in nonlinear media

Cristian Redondo Loures, Andrea Armaroli, Fabio Biancalana

OPTICS LETTERS 40(4) 613-616 (2015) | Journal

Engineering Nanoporous Iron(III) Oxide into an Effective Water Oxidation Electrode

Sandra Haschke, Yanlin Wu, Muhammad Bashouti, Silke Christiansen, Julien Bachmann

CHEMCATCHEM 7(16) 2455-2459 (2015) | Journal

Photoionization-Induced Emission of Tunable Few-Cycle Midinfrared Dispersive Waves in Gas-Filled Hollow-Core Photonic Crystal Fibers

D. Novoa, M. Cassataro, J. C. Travers, P. St. J. Russell

PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 115(3) 033901 (2015) | Journal

Projective filtering of the fundamental eigenmode from spatially multimode radiation

A. M. Perez, P. R. Sharapova, S. S. Straupe, F. M. Miatto, O. V. Tikhonova, G. Leuchs, M. V. Chekhova

PHYSICAL REVIEW A 92(5) 053861 (2015) | Journal

Selective switching of individual multipole resonances in single dielectric nanoparticles

Pawel Wozniak, Peter Banzer, Gerd Leuchs

LASER & PHOTONICS REVIEWS 9(2) 231-240 (2015) | Journal

Enhanced photovoltaics inspired by the fovea centralis

Gil Shalev, Sebastian W. Schmitt, Heidemarie Embrechts, Gerald Broenstrup, Silke Christiansen

SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 5 8570 (2015) | Journal

Ultrafast Dynamics of Lasing Semiconductor Nanowires

Robert Roeder, Themistoklis P. H. Sidiropoulos, Christian Tessarek, Silke Christiansen, Rupert F. Oulton, Carsten Ronning

NANO LETTERS 15(7) 4637-4643 (2015) | Journal

Thermal characterisation of (bio)polymers with a temperature-stabilised whispering gallery mode microsensor

Eugene Kim, Matthew R. Foreman, Martin D. Baaske, Frank Vollmer

APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS 106(16) 161101 (2015) | Journal

Near-infrared single-photon spectroscopy of a whispering gallery mode resonator using energy-resolving transition edge sensors

Michael Foertsch, Thomas Gerrits, Martin J. Stevens, Dmitry Strekalov, Gerhard Schunk, Josef U. Fuerst, Ulrich Vogl, Florian Sedlmeir, Harald G. L. Schwefel, et al.

JOURNAL OF OPTICS 17(6) 065501 (2015) | Journal

Giant narrowband twin-beam generation along the pump-energy propagation direction

Angela M. Perez, Kirill Yu Spasibko, Polina R. Sharapova, Olga V. Tikhonova, Gerd Leuchs, Maria V. Chekhova

NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 6 7707 (2015) | Journal

Practical implementation of mutually unbiased bases using quantum circuits

U. Seyfarth, L. L. Sanchez-Soto, G. Leuchs

PHYSICAL REVIEW A 91(3) 032102 (2015) | Journal

Role of Silicon Nanowire Diameter for Alkyl (Chain Lengths C-1-C-18) Passivation Efficiency through Si-C Bonds

Muhammad Y. Bashouti, Carmelina A. Garzuzi, Maria de la Mata, Jordi Arbiol, Juergen Ristein, Hossam Haick, Silke Christiansen

LANGMUIR 31(8) 2430-2437 (2015) | Journal

Goos-Hanchen and Imbert-Fedorov shifts for astigmatic Gaussian beams

Marco Ornigotti, Andrea Aiello

JOURNAL OF OPTICS 17(6) 065608 (2015) | Journal

Classically entangled optical beams for high-speed kinematic sensing

Stefan Berg-Johansen, Falk Toeppel, Birgit Stiller, Peter Banzer, Marco Ornigotti, Elisabeth Giacobino, Gerd Leuchs, Andrea Aiello, Christoph Marquardt

OPTICA 2(10) 864-868 (2015) | Journal

Maximizing the ultimate absorption efficiency of vertically-aligned semiconductor nanowire arrays with wires of a low absorption cross-section

Gil Shalev, Sebastian W. Schmitt, Gerald Broenstrup, Silke Christiansen

NANO ENERGY 12 801-809 (2015) | Journal

Measuring the Transverse Spin Density of Light

Martin Neugebauer, Thomas Bauer, Andrea Aiello, Peter Banzer

PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 114(6) 063901 (2015) | Journal

Angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy with 9-eV photon-energy pulses generated in a gas-filled hollow-core photonic crystal fiber

H. Bromberger, A. Ermolov, F. Belli, H. Liu, F. Calegari, M. Chavez-Cervantes, M. T. Li, C. T. Lin, A. Abdolvand, et al.

APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS 107(9) 091101 (2015) | Journal

An ion trap built with photonic crystal fibre technology

F. Lindenfelser, B. Keitch, D. Kienzler, D. Bykov, P. Uebel, M. A. Schmidt, P. St. J. Russell, J. P. Home

REVIEW OF SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS 86(3) 033107 (2015) | Journal

Integration of plasmonic Ag nanoparticles as a back reflector in ultra-thin Cu(In,Ga)Se-2 solar cells

Guanchao Yin, Alexander Steigert, Patrick Andrae, Manuela Goebelt, Michael Latzel, Phillip Manley, Iver Lauermann, Silke Christiansen, Martina Schmid

APPLIED SURFACE SCIENCE 355 800-804 (2015) | Journal

Carbon irradiated semi insulating GaAs for photoconductive terahertz pulse detection

Abhishek Singh, Sanjoy Pal, Harshad Surdi, S. S. Prabhu, S. Mathimalar, Vandana Nanal, R. G. Pillay, G. H. Doehler

OPTICS EXPRESS 23(5) 6656-6661 (2015) | Journal

Risk Analysis of Trojan-Horse Attacks on Practical Quantum Key Distribution Systems

Nitin Jain, Birgit Stiller, Imran Khan, Vadim Makarov, Christoph Marquardt, Gerd Leuchs


Whispering gallery mode sensors (vol 7, pg 168, 2015)

Matthew R. Foreman, Jon D. Swaim, Frank Vollmer

ADVANCES IN OPTICS AND PHOTONICS 7(3) 632-634 (2015) | Journal

Position-Squared Coupling in a Tunable Photonic Crystal Optomechanical Cavity

Taofiq K. Paraiso, Mahmoud Kalaee, Leyun Zang, Hannes Pfeifer, Florian Marquardt, Oskar Painter

Physical Review X 5(4) 041024 (2015) | Journal | PDF

Engineering of a Ge-Te-Se glass fibre evanescent wave spectroscopic (FEWS) mid-IR chemical sensor for the analysis of food and pharmaceutical products

Xin Jiang, Animesh Jha

SENSORS AND ACTUATORS B-CHEMICAL 206 159-169 (2015) | Journal

Intracavity Squeezing Can Enhance Quantum-Limited Optomechanical Position Detection through Deamplification

V. Peano, H. G. L. Schwefel, Ch. Marquardt, F. Marquardt

Physical Review Letters 115(24) 243603 (2015) | Journal | PDF

Stars of the quantum Universe: extremal constellations on the Poincare sphere

Gunnar Bjork, Markus Grassl, Pablo de la Hoz, Gerd Leuchs, Luis L. Sanchez-Soto

PHYSICA SCRIPTA 90(10) 108008 (2015) | Journal

Adjustable diffractive spiral phase plates

Walter Harm, Stefan Bernet, Monika Ritsch-Marte, Irina Harder, Norbert Lindlein

OPTICS EXPRESS 23(1) 413-421 (2015) | Journal

Strong Raman-induced noninstantaneous soliton interactions in gas-filled photonic crystal fibers

Mohammed F. Saleh, Andrea Armaroli, Andrea Marini, Fabio Biancalana

OPTICS LETTERS 40(17) 4058-4061 (2015) | Journal

Enhancing the radiative emission rate of single molecules by a plasmonic nanoantenna weakly coupled with a dielectric substrate

X. W. Chen, K. G. Lee, H. Eghlidi, Stephan Götzinger, Vahid Sandoghdar

Optics Express 23 32986-32992 (2015) | Journal

Electronic Properties of Si-H-x Vibrational Modes at Si Waveguide Interface

Muhammad Y. Bashouti, Peyman Yousefi, Juergen Ristein, Silke H. Christiansen

JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY LETTERS 6(19) 3988-3993 (2015) | Journal

Raman amplification of pure side-seeded higherorder modes in hydrogen-filled hollow-core PCF

Jean-Michel Menard, Barbara M. Trabold, Amir Abdolvand, Philip St J. Russell

OPTICS EXPRESS 23(2) 895-901 (2015) | Journal

Observation of optical polarization Mobius strips

Thomas Bauer, Peter Banzer, Ebrahim Karimi, Sergej Orlov, Andrea Rubano, Lorenzo Marrucci, Enrico Santamato, Robert W. Boyd, Gerd Leuchs

SCIENCE 347(6225) 964-966 (2015) | Journal

Optimal Frames for Polarization State Reconstruction

Matthew R. Foreman, Alberto Favaro, Andrea Aiello

PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 115(26) 263901 (2015) | Journal

Entangling the Whole by Beam Splitting a Part

Callum Croal, Christian Peuntinger, Vanessa Chille, Christoph Marquardt, Gerd Leuchs, Natalia Korolkova, Ladislav Mista Jr.

PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 115(19) 190501 (2015) | Journal

Self-Catalytic Growth of -Ga2O3 Nanostructures by Chemical Vapor Deposition

Sudheer Kumar, Christian Tessarek, George Sarau, Silke Christiansen, Rajendra Singh

ADVANCED ENGINEERING MATERIALS 17(5) 709-715 (2015) | Journal

Ultrasensitive Silicon Nanowire for Real-World Gas Sensing: Noninvasive Diagnosis of Cancer from Breath Volatolome

Nisreen Shehada, Gerald Broenstrup, Konrads Funka, Silke Christiansen, Marcis Leja, Hossam Haick

NANO LETTERS 15(2) 1288-1295 (2015) | Journal

Dissipative plasmon solitons in graphene nanodisk arrays

Daria A. Smirnova, Roman E. Noskov, Lev A. Smirnov, Yuri S. Kivshar

PHYSICAL REVIEW B 91(7) 075409 (2015) | Journal

Spectroscopic detection of single Pr3+ ions on the H-3(4)-D-1(2) transition

Emanuel Eichhammer, Tobias Utikal, Stephan Goetzinger, Vahid Sandoghdar

New Journal of Physics 17 083018 (2015) | Journal

Cavity ring-up spectroscopy for ultrafast sensing with optical microresonators

Serge Rosenblum, Yulia Lovsky, Lior Arazi, Frank Vollmer, Barak Dayan

NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 6 6788 (2015) | Journal

Phase-matched electric-field-induced second-harmonic generation in Xe-filled hollow-core photonic crystal fiber

Jean-Michel Menard, Philip St. J. Russell

OPTICS LETTERS 40(15) 3679-3682 (2015) | Journal

Systematic increase of electrocatalytic turnover at nanoporous platinum surfaces prepared by atomic layer deposition

Loic Assaud, Johannes Schumacher, Alexander Tafel, Sebastian Bochmann, Silke Christiansen, Julien Bachmann

JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY A 3(16) 8450-8458 (2015) | Journal

A robust quantum receiver for phase shift keyed signals

C. R. Mueller, Ch Marquardt

NEW JOURNAL OF PHYSICS 17 032003 (2015) | Journal

Continuous wave terahertz radiation from antennas fabricated on C-12-irradiated semi-insulating GaAs

Prathmesh Deshmukh, M. Mendez-Aller, Abhishek Singh, Sanjoy Pal, S. S. Prabhu, Vandana Nanal, R. G. Pillay, G. H. Doehler, S. Preu

OPTICS LETTERS 40(19) 4540-4543 (2015) | Journal

Carrier-induced refractive index change observed by a whispering gallery mode shift in GaN microrods

C. Tessarek, R. Goldhahn, G. Sarau, M. Heilmann, S. Christiansen

NEW JOURNAL OF PHYSICS 17 083047 (2015) | Journal

Pattern phase diagram for two-dimensional arrays of coupled limit-cycle oscillators

Roland Lauter, Christian Brendel, Steven J. M. Habraken, Florian Marquardt

Physical Review E 92(1) 012902 (2015) | Journal | PDF

Stable subpicosecond soliton fiber laser passively mode-locked by gigahertz acoustic resonance in photonic crystal fiber core

M. Pang, X. Jiang, W. He, G. K. L. Wong, G. Onishchukov, N. Y. Joly, G. Ahmed, C. R. Menyuk, P. St J. Russell

OPTICA 2(4) 339-342 (2015) | Journal

Supercontinuum generation in the vacuum ultraviolet through dispersive-wave and soliton-plasma interaction in a noble-gas-filled hollow-core photonic crystal fiber

A. Ermolov, K. F. Mak, M. H. Frosz, J. C. Travers, P. St. J. Russell

PHYSICAL REVIEW A 92(3) 033821 (2015) | Journal

Wideband-tunable soliton fiber laser mode-locked at 1.88 GHz by optoacoustic interactions in solid-core PCF

Wenbin He, Meng Pang, Philip St J. Russell

OPTICS EXPRESS 23(19) 24945-24954 (2015) | Journal

Vacuum-ultraviolet to infrared supercontinuum in hydrogen-filled photonic crystal fiber

Federico Belli, Amir Abdolvand, Wonkeun Chang, John C. Travers, Philip St. J. Russell

OPTICA 2(4) 292-300 (2015) | Journal

Two-photon spectral amplitude of entangled states resolved in separable Schmidt modes

A. Avella, G. Brida, M. Chekhova, M. Gramegna, A. Shurupov, M. Genovese

PHYSICA SCRIPTA T165 014005 (2015) | Journal

Extremal states for photon number and quadratures as gauges for nonclassicality

Z. Hradil, J. Rehacek, P. de la Hoz, G. Leuchs, L. L. Sanchez-Soto

PHYSICAL REVIEW A 91(4) 042128 (2015) | Journal

Dirac solitons in square binary waveguide lattices

Truong X. Tran, Xuan N. Nguyen, Fabio Biancalana

PHYSICAL REVIEW A 91(2) 023814 (2015) | Journal

Giant Optical Activity of Quantum Dots, Rods, and Disks with Screw Dislocations

Anvar S. Baimuratov, Ivan D. Rukhlenko, Roman E. Noskov, Pavel Ginzburg, Yurii K. Gun'ko, Alexander V. Baranov, Anatoly V. Fedorov

SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 5 14712 (2015) | Journal

Broadband-tunable LP01 mode frequency shifting by Raman coherence waves in a H-2-filled hollow-core photonic crystal fiber

S. T. Bauerschmidt, D. Novoa, A. Abdolvand, P. St. J. Russell

OPTICA 2(6) 536-539 (2015) | Journal

Rogue solitons in optical fibers: a dynamical process in a complex energy landscape?

Andrea Armaroli, Claudio Conti, Fabio Biancalana

OPTICA 2(5) 497-504 (2015) | Journal

Classical polarization multipoles: paraxial versus nonparaxial

P. de la Hoz, G. Bjork, H. de Guise, A. B. Klimov, G. Leuchs, L. L. Sanchez-Soto

PHYSICA SCRIPTA 90 (2015) | Journal

Raman-induced temporal condensed matter physics in gas-filled photonic crystal fibers

Mohammed F. Saleh, Andrea Armaroli, Truong X. Tran, Andrea Marini, Federico Belli, Amir Abdolvand, Fabio Biancalana

OPTICS EXPRESS 23(9) 11879-11886 (2015) | Journal

Modeling the dielectric function of degenerately doped ZnO: Al thin films grown by ALD using physical parameters

Michael Latzel, Manuela Goebelt, Gerald Broenstrup, Cornel Venzago, Sebastian W. Schmitt, George Sarau, Silke H. Christiansen

OPTICAL MATERIALS EXPRESS 5(9) 1979-1990 (2015) | Journal

Towards an optical far-field measurement of higher-order multipole contributions to the scattering response of nanoparticles

Thomas Bauer, Sergej Orlov, Gerd Leuchs, Peter Banzer

APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS 106(9) 091108 (2015) | Journal

Quantum nature of Gaussian discord: Experimental evidence and role of system-environment correlations

Vanessa Chille, Niall Quinn, Christian Peuntinger, Callum Croal, Ladislav Mista Jr., Christoph Marquardt, Gerd Leuchs, Natalia Korolkova

PHYSICAL REVIEW A 91(5) 050301 (2015) | Journal

From transverse angular momentum to photonic wheels

Andrea Aiello, Peter Banzer, Martin Neugebauer, Gerd Leuchs

NATURE PHOTONICS 9(12) 789-795 (2015)

Observation of strongly enhanced photoluminescence from inverted cone-shaped silicon nanostuctures

Sebastian W. Schmitt, George Sarau, Silke Christiansen

SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 5 17089 (2015) | Journal

Dramatic Raman Gain Suppression in the Vicinity of the Zero Dispersion Point in a Gas-Filled Hollow-Core Photonic Crystal Fiber

S. T. Bauerschmidt, D. Novoa, P. St J. Russell

PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 115(24) 243901 (2015) | Journal

A large electrochemical setup for the anodization of aluminum towards highly ordered arrays of cylindrical nanopores

Loic Assaud, Sebastian Bochmann, Silke Christiansen, Julien Bachmann

REVIEW OF SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS 86(7) 073902 (2015) | Journal

A chaotic approach clears up imaging

Harald G. L. Schwefel, Hakan E. Tuereci

SCIENCE 348(6231) 189-190 (2015) | Journal

Generation of three-octave-spanning transient Raman comb in hydrogen-filled hollow-core PCF

F. Tani, F. Belli, A. Abdolvand, J. C. Travers, P. St. J. Russell

OPTICS LETTERS 40(6) 1026-1029 (2015) | Journal

Exploiting cellophane birefringence to generate radially and azimuthally polarised vector beams

Johnston Kalwe, Martin Neugebauer, Calvine Ominde, Gerd Leuchs, Geoffrey Rurimo, Peter Banzer

EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PHYSICS 36(2) 025011 (2015) | Journal

Highly Coherent Electron Beam from a Laser-Triggered Tungsten Needle Tip

Dominik Ehberger, Jakob Hammer, Max Eisele, Michael Krueger, Jonathan Noe, Alexander Hoegele, Peter Hommelhoff

PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 114(22) 227601 (2015) | Journal

Review of free software tools for image analysis of fluorescence cell micrographs

V. Wiesmann, D. Franz, C. Held, C. Muenzenmayer, R. Palmisano, T. Wittenberg

JOURNAL OF MICROSCOPY 257(1) 39-53 (2015) | Journal

Squeezed Light from Entangled Nonidentical Emitters via Nanophotonic Environments

Harald R. Haakh, Diego-Martin Cano

ACS Photonics 2 1686-1691 (2015) | Journal

When excitons and plasmons meet: Emerging function through synthesis and assembly

Jennifer A. Hollingsworth, Han Htoon, Andrei Piryatinski, Stephan Goetzinger, Vahid Sandoghdar

MRS Bulletin 40 768-776 (2015) | Journal

Deep-ultraviolet to mid-infrared supercontinuum generated in solid-core ZBLAN photonic crystal fibre

Xin Jiang, Nicolas Y. Joly, Martin A. Finger, Fehim Babic, Gordon K. L. Wong, John C. Travers, Philip St J. Russell

NATURE PHOTONICS 9(2) 133-139 (2015) | Journal

Sensing Nanoparticles with a Cantilever-Based Scannable Optical Cavity of Low Finesse and Sub-lambda(3) Volume

Hrishikesh Kelkar, Daqing Wang, Diego Martin-Cano, Bjoern Hoffmann, Silke Christiansen, Stephan Goetzinger, Vahid Sandoghdar

Physical Review Applied 4 054010 (2015) | Journal

Loss-tolerant hybrid measurement test of CHSH inequality with weakly amplified N00N states

Falk Toeppel, Magdalena Stobinska


Experimental Realization of Quantum Tomography of Photonic Qudits via Symmetric Informationally Complete Positive Operator-Valued Measures

N. Bent, H. Qassim, A. A. Tahir, D. Sych, G. Leuchs, L. L. Sanchez-Soto, E. Karimi, R. W. Boyd

PHYSICAL REVIEW X 5(4) 041006 (2015) | Journal

Cylindrically polarized Bessel-Gauss beams

Daena Madhi, Marco Ornigotti, Andrea Aiello

JOURNAL OF OPTICS 17(2) 025603 (2015) | Journal

Raman-Free, Noble-Gas-Filled Photonic-Crystal Fiber Source for Ultrafast, Very Bright Twin-Beam Squeezed Vacuum

Martin A. Finger, Timur Sh. Iskhakov, Nicolas Y. Joly, Maria V. Chekhova, Philip St. J. Russell

PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 115(14) 143602 (2015) | Journal

Goos-Hanchen and Imbert-Fedorov shifts for paraxial X-waves

Marco Ornigotti, Andrea Aiello, Claudio Conti

OPTICS LETTERS 40(4) 558-561 (2015) | Journal

Encapsulation of silver nanowire networks by atomic layer deposition for indium-free transparent electrodes

Manuela Goebelt, Ralf Keding, Sebastian W. Schmitt, Bjoern Hoffmann, Sara Jaeckle, Michael Latzel, Vuk V. Radmilovic, Velimir R. Radmilovic, Erdmann Spiecker, et al.

NANO ENERGY 16 196-206 (2015) | Journal

Quantum theory of an electromagnetic observer: Classically behaving macroscopic systems and the emergence of the classical world in quantum electrodynamics

L. I. Plimak, Misha Ivanov, A. Aiello, S. Stenholm

PHYSICAL REVIEW A 92(2) 022122 (2015) | Journal

Interfacing transitions of different alkali atoms and telecom bands using one narrowband photon pair source

Gerhard Schunk, Ulrich Vogl, Dmitry V. Strekalov, Michael Foertsch, Florian Sedlmeir, Harald G. L. Schwefel, Manuela Goebelt, Silke Christiansen, Gerd Leuchs, et al.

OPTICA 2(9) 773-778 (2015) | Journal

Extremal quantum states and their Majorana constellations

G. Bjork, A. B. Klimov, P. de la Hoz, M. Grassl, G. Leuchs, L. L. Sanchez-Soto

PHYSICAL REVIEW A 92(3) 031801 (2015) | Journal

Schmidt modes in the angular spectrum of bright squeezed vacuum

P. Sharapova, A. M. Perez, O. V. Tikhonova, M. V. Chekhova

PHYSICAL REVIEW A 91(4) 043816 (2015) | Journal

Measurements of the Electric Field of Zero-Point Optical Phonons in GaAs Quantum Wells Support the Urbach Rule for Zero-Temperature Lifetime Broadening

Rupak Bhattacharya, Richarj Mondal, Pradip Khatua, Alok Rudra, Eli Kapon, Stefan Malzer, Gottfried Doehler, Bipul Pal, Bhavtosh Bansal

PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 114(4) 047402 (2015) | Journal

Junction formation and current transport mechanisms in hybrid n-Si/PEDOT:PSS solar cells

Sara Jaeckle, Matthias Mattiza, Martin Liebhaber, Gerald Broenstrup, Mathias Rommel, Klaus Lips, Silke Christiansen

SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 5 13008 (2015) | Journal

Quantum uncertainty in the beam width of spatial optical modes

Vanessa Chille, Peter Banzer, Andrea Aiello, Gerd Leuchs, Christoph Marquardt, Nicolas Treps, Claude Fabre

OPTICS EXPRESS 23(25) 32777-32787 (2015) | Journal

Phase retrieval from carrier frequency interferograms: reduction of the impact of space-variant disturbances

J. Schwider, V. Nercissian, K. Mantel


Experimental violation of a Bell-like inequality with optical vortex beams

B. Stoklasa, L. Motka, J. Rehacek, Z. Hradil, L. L. Sanchez-Soto, G. S. Agarwal

NEW JOURNAL OF PHYSICS 17 113046 (2015) | Journal

Superoscillations with arbitrary polynomial shape

Ioannis Chremmos, George Fikioris


Ratiometric detection of oligonucleotide stoichiometry on multifunctional gold nanoparticles by whispering gallery mode biosensing

F. C. Wu, Y. Wu, Z. Niu, F. Vollmer

ANALYST 140(9) 2969-2972 (2015) | Journal

Growth of GaN Micro- and Nanorods on Graphene-Covered Sapphire: Enabling Conductivity to Semiconductor Nanostructures on Insulating Substrates

Martin Heilmann, George Sarau, Manuela Goebelt, Michael Latzel, Sumesh Sadhujan, Christian Tessarek, Silke Christiansen

CRYSTAL GROWTH & DESIGN 15(5) 2079-2086 (2015) | Journal

Bright squeezed vacuum: Entanglement of macroscopic light beams

M. V. Chekhova, G. Leuchs, M. Zukowski

OPTICS COMMUNICATIONS 337 27-43 (2015) | Journal

Time-Reversal-Symmetric Single-Photon Wave Packets for Free-Space Quantum Communication

N. Trautmann, G. Alber, G. S. Agarwal, G. Leuchs

PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 114(17) 173601 (2015) | Journal

Study of high quality spinel zinc gallate nanowires grown using CVD and ALD techniques

Sudheer Kumar, G. Sarau, C. Tessarek, M. Goebelt, S. Christiansen, R. Singh

NANOTECHNOLOGY 26(33) 335603 (2015) | Journal

Optical Tracking of Anomalous Diffusion Kinetics in Polymer Microspheres

Matthew R. Foreman, Frank Vollmer

PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 114(11) 118001 (2015) | Journal

New Constructions of Codes for Asymmetric Channels via Concatenation

Markus Grassl, Peter W. Shor, Graeme Smith, John Smolin, Bei Zeng

IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON INFORMATION THEORY 61(4) 1879-1886 (2015) | Journal

Functionalization of Silver Nanowires Surface using Ag-C Bonds in a Sequential Reductive Method

Muhammad Y. Bashouti, Sebastian Resch, Juergen Ristein, Mirza Mackovic, Erdmann Spiecker, Siegfried. R. Waldvogel, Silke. H. Christiansen

ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES 7(39) 21657-21661 (2015) | Journal

Recent Advances in Theory and Applications of Electromagnetic Metamaterials

Weiren Zhu, Ivan D. Rukhlenko, Roman E. Noskov, Ronghong Jin, Ji Zhou


Direct laser writing of mu-chips based on hybrid C-Au-Ag nanoparticles for express analysis of hazardous and biological substances

M. Y. Bashouti, A. Manshina, A. Povolotckaia, A. Povolotskiy, A. Kireev, Y. Petrov, M. Mackovic, E. Spiecker, I. Koshevoy, et al.

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Quantum squeezing of motion in a mechanical resonator

E. E. Wollman, C. U. Lei, A. J. Weinstein, J. Suh, A. Kronwald, F. Marquardt, A. A. Clerk, K. C. Schwab

Science 349(6251) 952-955 (2015) | Journal

Nonlinear Radiation Pressure Dynamics in an Optomechanical Crystal

Alex G. Krause, Jeff T. Hill, Max Ludwig, Amir H. Safavi-Naeini, Jasper Chan, Florian Marquardt, Oskar Painter

Physical Review Letters 115(23) 233601 (2015) | Journal | PDF

Optomechanical Dirac physics

M. Schmidt, V. Peano, F. Marquardt

New Journal of Physics 17 023025 (2015) | Journal | PDF

Effective medium theory for two-dimensional non-magnetic metamaterial lattices up to quadrupole expansions

Ioannis Chremmos, Efthymios Kallos, Melpomeni Giamalaki, Vassilios Yannopapas, Emmanuel Paspalakis

JOURNAL OF OPTICS 17(7) 075102 (2015) | Journal

Fabrication and characterization of plasmonic nanocone antennas for strong spontaneous emission enhancement

Bjoern Hoffmann, Simon Vassant, Xue-Wen Chen, Stephan Goetzinger, Vahid Sandoghdar, Silke Christiansen

Nanotechnology 26 404001 (2015) | Journal

Enhanced optical activity and circular dichroism in twisted photonic crystal fiber

G. K. L. Wong, X. M. Xi, M. H. Frosz, P. St. J. Russell

OPTICS LETTERS 40(20) 4639-4642 (2015) | Journal

Modified and controllable dispersion interaction in a one-dimensional waveguide geometry

Harald R. Haakh, Stefan Scheel

Physical Review A 91 052707 (2015) | Journal

Effect of rapid thermal annealing on barrier height and 1/f noise of Ni/GaN Schottky barrier diodes

Ashutosh Kumar, M. Latzel, S. Christiansen, V. Kumar, R. Singh

APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS 107(9) 093502 (2015) | Journal

Highly efficient generation of single-mode photon pairs from a crystalline whispering-gallery-mode resonator source

Michael Foertsch, Gerhard Schunk, Josef U. Fuerst, Dmitry Strekalov, Thomas Gerrits, Martin J. Stevens, Florian Sedlmeir, Harald G. L. Schwefel, Sae Woo Nam, et al.

PHYSICAL REVIEW A 91(2) 023812 (2015) | Journal

Depolarized guided acoustic wave Brillouin scattering in hollow-core photonic crystal fibers

Wenjia Elser Nee Zhong, Birgit Stiller, Dominique Elser, Bettina Heim, Christoph Marquardt, Gerd Leuchs

OPTICS EXPRESS 23(21) UNSP 247705 27707-27714 (2015) | Journal

Specially shaped Bessel-like self-accelerating beams along predesigned trajectories

Juanying Zhao, I. D. Chremmos, Ze Zhang, Yi Hu, Daohong Song, Peng Zhang, N. K. Efremidis, Zhigang Chen

SCIENCE BULLETIN 60(13) 1157-1169 (2015) | Journal

Dielectric Rod Waveguide Antenna as THz Emitter for Photomixing Devices

Alejandro Rivera-Lavado, Sascha Preu, Luis Enrique Garcia-Munoz, Andrey Generalov, Javier Montero-de-Paz, Gottfried Doehler, Dmitri Lioubtchenko, Mario Mendez-Aller, Florian Sedlmeir, et al.


Quantum Uniqueness

Denis Sych, Gerd Leuchs

FOUNDATIONS OF PHYSICS 45(12) 1613-1619 (2015) | Journal

Whispering gallery mode sensors

Matthew R. Foreman, Jon D. Swaim, Frank Vollmer

ADVANCES IN OPTICS AND PHOTONICS 7(2) 168-240 (2015) | Journal

Higher-order Dirac solitons in binary waveguide arrays

Truong X. Tran, Dung C. Duong

ANNALS OF PHYSICS 361 501-508 (2015) | Journal

Least-bias state estimation with incomplete unbiased measurements

Jaroslav Rehacek, Zdenek Hradil, Yong Siah Teo, Luis L. Sanchez-Soto, Hui Khoon Ng, Jing Hao Chai, Berthold-Georg Englert

PHYSICAL REVIEW A 92(5) 052303 (2015) | Journal

Flying particle sensors in hollow-core photonic crystal fibre

D. S. Bykov, O. A. Schmidt, T. G. Euser, P. St. J. Russell

NATURE PHOTONICS 9(7) 461-U63 (2015) | Journal

Microcavity design for low threshold polariton condensation with ultrashort optical pulse excitation

C. Poellmann, U. Leierseder, E. Galopin, A. Lemaitre, A. Amo, J. Bloch, R. Huber, J. -M. Menard

JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS 117(20) 205702 (2015) | Journal

Stand-Off Biodetection with Free-Space Coupled Asymmetric Microsphere Cavities

Zachary Ballard, Martin D. Baaske, Frank Vollmer

SENSORS 15(4) 8968-8980 (2015) | Journal

Direct Schmidt number measurement of high-gain parametric down conversion

I. V. Dyakonov, P. R. Sharapova, T. Sh Iskhakov, G. Leuchs

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Note on the helicity decomposition of spin and orbital optical currents

Andrea Aiello, M. V. Berry

JOURNAL OF OPTICS 17(6) 062001 (2015) | Journal

Modulational instability windows in the nonlinear Schrodinger equation involving higher-order Kerr responses

David Novoa, Daniele Tommasini, Jose A. Novoa-Lopez

PHYSICAL REVIEW E 91(1) 012904 (2015) | Journal

Optomechanical creation of magnetic fields for photons on a lattice

M. Schmidt, S. Kessler, V. Peano, O. Painter, F. Marquardt

Optica 2(7) 635-641 (2015) | Journal | PDF

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