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Recent advances in petahertz electric field sampling

Andreas Herbst, Kilian Scheffter, M.M. Bidhendi, M. Kieker, Anchit Srivastava, Hanieh Fattahi

Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics 55 172001 (2022) | Journal | PDF


Efficient nonlinear compression of a thin-disk oscillator to 8.5 fs at 55 W average power

Gaia Barbiero, Haochuang Wang, Martin Grassl, Sebastian Groebmeyer, Dziugas Kimbaras, Marcel Neuhaus, Vladimir Pervak, Thomas Nubbemeyer, Hanieh Fattahi, et al.

Optics Letters 46(21) 5304-5307 (2021) | Journal | PDF


Broadband terahertz solid-state emitter driven by Yb:YAG thin-disk oscillator

Gaia Barbiero, Haochuan Wang, Jonathan Brons, Bo-Han Chen, Vladimir Pervak, Hanieh Fattahi

Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics 53(12) 125601 (2020) | Journal | PDF

Multi-octave, CEP-stable source for high-energy field synthesis

Ayman Alismail, Haochuang Wang, Gaia Barbiero, Najd Altwaijry, Syed Ali Hussain, Volodymyr Pervak, Wolfgang Schweinberger, Abdallah M. Azzeer, Ferenc Krausz, et al.

Science Advances 6(7) eaax3408 (2020) | Journal


High Energy, Sub-Cycle, Field Synthesizers

Haochuang Wang, Ayman Alismail, Gaia Barbiero, Raja Naeem Ahmad, Hanieh Fattahi

IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics 25(4) 1900112 (2019) | Journal

Near-Infrared Molecular Fieldoscopy of Water

Ayman Alismail, Haochuan Wang, Gaia Barbiero, Syed Ali Hussain, Wolfgang Schweinberger, Ferenc Krausz, Hanieh Fattahi

Proceedings of SPIE (2019) | Journal


Methods and devices for measuring changes in the polarization response of a sample by time-domain infrared spectroscopy

Hanieh Fattahi, Ferenc Krausz, Marinus Huber, Ioachim Pupeza, Mihaela Zigman Kohlmaier


Theoretical Study: High Harmonic Generation by Light Transients

Maximilian Wendl, Maximilian Högner, Hanieh Fattahi

Applied Sciences 8(5) 728 (2018) | Journal | PDF

Prospects of third-generation femtosecond laser technology in biological spectromicroscopy

Hanieh Fattahi, Zohreh Fattahi, Asghar Ghorbani

Journal of Optics 20(5) 054005 (2018) | Journal


Pulse light source device and method for creating cep stable fs laser pulses

Hanieh Fattahi, Ferenc Krausz


20 mJ, 1 ps Yb: YAG Thin-disk Regenerative Amplifier

Ayman Alismail, Haochuang Wang, Jonathan Brons, Hanieh Fattahi

Journal of Visualized Experiments (125) e55717 (2017) | Journal

Cross-polarized, multi-octave supercontinuum generation

Haochuang Wang, Ayman Alismail, Gaia Barbiero, Maximilian Wendl, Hanieh Fattahi

Optics Letters 42(13) 2595-2598 (2017) | Journal

Carrier-envelope phase stable, 5.4 μJ, broadband, mid-infrared pulse generation from a 1-ps, Yb:YAG thin-disk laser

Ayman Alismail, Haochuan Wang, Najd Altwaijry, Hanieh Fattahi

Applied Optics 56(17) 4990-4994 (2017) | Journal

Nonlinear optics: Attosecond nanophotonics

Giulio Vampa, Hanieh Fattahi, Jelena Vuckovic, Ferenc Krausz

Nature Photonics 11(4) 210-212 (2017) | Journal

1 kW, 200 mJ picosecond thin-disk laser system

Thomas Nubbemeyer, Martin Kaumanns, Moritz Ueffing, Martin Gorjan, Ayman Alismail, Hanieh Fattahi, Jonathan Brons, Oleg Pronin, Helena G. Barros, et al.

Optics Letters 42(7) 1381-1384 (2017) | Journal


Near-PHz-bandwidth, phase-stable continua generated from a Yb:YAG thin-disk amplifier

Hanieh Fattahi, Haochuan Wang, Ayman Alismail, Gunnar Arisholm, Vladimir Pervak, Abdallah M. Azzeer, Ferenc Krausz

Optics Express 24(21) 24337-24346 (2016) | Journal

Sub-cycle light transients for attosecond, X-ray, four-dimensional imaging

Hanieh Fattahi

Contemporary Physics 57(4) 580-595 (2016) | Journal

Yb:YAG-Pumped, Few-Cycle Optical Parametric Amplifiers

Hanieh Fattahi

High Energy and Short Pulse Lasers (2016) | Book Chapter

Broadband beamsplitter for high intensity laser applications in the infra-red spectral range

Tatiana Amotchkina, Hanieh Fattahi, Yurij. A. Pervak, Michael Trubetskov, Vladimir Pervak

Optics Express 24(15) 16752-16759 (2016) | Journal

Attosecond nonlinear polarization and light-matter energy transfer in solids

Annkatrin Sommer, Elisabeth Bothschafter, S. A. Sato, Clemens Jakubeit, Tobias Latka, Olga Razskazovskaya, Hanieh Fattahi, Michael Jobst, Hans Wolfgang Schweinberger, et al.

Nature 534(7605) 86-90 (2016) | Journal

Self-compressed, spectral broadening of a Yb:YAG thin-disk amplifier

Theresa Buberl, Ayman Alismail, Haochuang Wang, Nicholas Karpowicz, Hanieh Fattahi

Optics Express 24(10) 10286-10294 (2016) | Journal

High-power, 1-ps, all-Yb:YAG thin-disk regenerative amplifier

Hanieh Fattahi, Ayman Alismail, Haochuang Wang, Jonathan Brons, Oleg Pronin, Theresa Buberl, Lenard Vamos, Gunnar Arisholm, Abdallah M. Azzeer, et al.

Optics Letters 41(6) 1126-1129 (2016) | Journal

Third-Generation Femtosecond Technology

Hanieh Fattahi, Ferenc Krausz

Springer Theses (2016) | Journal



Decoupling chaotic amplification and nonlinear phase in high-energy thin-disk amplifiers for stable OPCPA pumping

Hanieh Fattahi, Alexander Schwarz, Xiao Tao Geng, Sabine Keiber, Dong Eon Kim, Ferenc Krausz, Nicholas Karpowicz

Optics Express 22(25) 31440-31447 (2014) | Journal

Third-generation femtosecond technology

Hanieh Fattahi, Helena G. Barros, Martin Gorjan, Thomas Nubbemeyer, Bidoor Alsaif, Catherine Y. Teisset, Marcel Schultze, Stephan Prinz, Matthias Haefner, et al.

Optica 1(1) 45-63 (2014) | Journal


Efficient, octave-spanning difference-frequency generation using few-cycle pulses in simple collinear geometry

Hanieh Fattahi, Alexander Schwarz, Sabine Keiber, Nicholas Karpowicz

Optics Letters 38(20) 4216-4219 (2013) | Journal

In-Vitro Thermal Study of Different Tips in Various Operating Modes of the Sina Phacoemulsification System

Radin Tahvildari, Hanieh Fattahi, Ahmad Amjadi

Cataract Surgery (2013) | Book Chapter


Carrier-envelope-phase-stable, 1.2 mJ, 1.5 cycle laser pulses at 2.1 mu m

Yunpei Deng, Alexander Schwarz, Hanieh Fattahi, Moritz Ueffing, Xun Gu, Marcus Ossiander, Thomas Metzger, Volodymyr Pervak, Hideki Ishizuki, et al.

Optics Letters 37(23) 4973-4975 (2012) | Journal

Pump-seed synchronization for MHz repetition rate, high-power optical parametric chirped pulse amplification

Hanieh Fattahi, Catherine Y. Teisset, Oleg Pronin, Atsushi Sugita, Roswitha Graf, Vladimir Pervak, Xun Gu, Thomas Metzger, Zsuzsanna Major, et al.

Optics Express 20(9) 9833-9840 (2012) | Journal

Active stabilization for optically synchronized optical parametric chirped pulse amplification

Alexander Schwarz, Moritz Ueffing, Yunpei Deng, Xun Gu, Hanieh Fattahi, Thomas Metzger, Marcus Ossiander, Ferenc Krausz, Reinhard Kienberger

Optics Express 20(5) 5557-5565 (2012) | Journal


Thermal analysis of different tips for various operating modes of phacoemulsification system

Radin Tahvildari, Hanieh Fattahi, Ahmad Amjadi

Journal of Biomedical Science and Engineering 3 727-734 (2010) | Journal


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