Dr. Richard Taylor

  • Postdoctoral Fellow
  • Room: A.3.242
  • Telephone: +49 9131 7133352
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I am interested in the potential of interferometric scattering microscopy to uncover the hidden dynamics of biology at the nanoscale, in particular, in exploring what we can learn about membrane organization and cellular function. I am also excited to develop nanofluidic tools to facilitate novel investigations into single-cell biology via advanced optical microscopies.

A paintbrush for delivery of nanoparticles and molecules to live cells with precise spatiotemporal control

Cornelia Holler, Richard W. Taylor, Alexandra Schambony, Leonhard Möckl, Vahid Sandoghdar

Nature Methods 21 512-520 (2024) | Journal

High-precision protein-tracking with interferometric scattering microscopy

Richard W. Taylor, Cornelia Holler, Reza Gholami Mahmoodabadi, Michelle Küppers, Houman Mirzaalian Dastjerdi, Vasily Zaburdaev, Alexandra Schambony, Vahid Sandoghdar

Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology 8 590158 (2020) | Journal | PDF

Point spread function in interferometric scattering microscopy (iSCAT). Part I: aberrations in defocusing and axial localization

Reza Gholami Mahmoodabadi, Richard W. Taylor, Martin Kaller, Susann Spindler, Mahdi Mazaheri, Kiarash Kasaian, Vahid Sandoghdar

Optics Express 28 25969-25988 (2020) | Journal

Interferometric Scattering (iSCAT) Microscopy & Related Techniques

Richard W. Taylor, Vahid Sandoghdar

Label-Free Super-Resolution Microscopy 25-65 (2019) | Book Chapter

Interferometric Scattering Microscopy: Seeing Single Nanoparticles and Molecules via Rayleigh Scattering

Richard W. Taylor, Vahid Sandoghdar

Nano Letters 19 4827-4835 (2019) | Journal

Interferometric scattering microscopy reveals microsecond nanoscopic protein motion on a live cell membrane

Richard W. Taylor, Reza Gholami Mahmoodabadi, Verena Rauschenberger, Andreas Giessl, Alexandra Schambony, Vahid Sandoghdar

Nature Photonics 13 480-487 (2019) | Journal

Visualization of lipids and proteins at high spatial and temporal resolution via interferometric scattering (iSCAT) microscopy

Susann Spindler, Jens Ehrig, Katharina König, Tristan Nowak, Marek Piliarik, Hannah E. Stein, Richard W. Taylor, Elisabeth Garanger, Sebastien Lecommandoux, et al.

Journal of Physics D - Applied Physics 49 274002 (2016) | Journal

  • Optimizing SERS from Gold Nanoparticle Clusters: Addressing the Near Field by an Embedded Chain Plasmon Model
    Richard W. Taylor, Rubén Esteban, Sumeet Mahajan, Javier Aizpurua, Jeremy J. Baumberg
    Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 129 (19), 10512-10522, 2016
  • Monitoring Early-Stage Nanoparticle Assembly in Microdroplets by Optical Spectroscopy and SERS
    Andrew R. Salmon , Rubén Esteban , Richard W. Taylor, James T. Hugall , Clive A. Smith , Graeme Whyte , Oren A. Scherman, Javier Aizpurua , Chris Abell , Jeremy J. Baumberg
    Small, 12 (13), 1788-1796, 2016
  • Watching individual molecules flex within lipid membranes using SERS
    Richard W. Taylor, Felix Benz, Daniel O. Sigle, Richard W. Bowman, Peng Bao, Johannes S. Roth, George R. Heath, Stephen D. Evans, Jeremy J. Baumberg
    Scientific Reports, 4, 5940, 2014
  • Optical Response of Metallic Nanoparticle Heteroaggregates with Subnanometric Gaps
    Christos Tserkezis, Richard W. Taylor, Jan Beitner, Rubén Esteban, Jeremy J. Baumberg , Javier Aizpurua
    Particle and Particle Systems Characterization, 31 (1), 152-160, 2014
  • Gold nanorods with sub-nanometer separation using cucurbit[n]uril for SERS applications
    Samuel T. Jones , Richard W. Taylor, Rubén Esteban, Enass K. Abo-Hamed , Paul H. H. Bomans , Nico A. J. M. Sommerdijk , Javier Aizpurua, Jeremy J. Baumberg , Oren A. Scherman
    Small, 10 (21), 4298-4303, 2014
  • In situ SERS Monitoring of Photochemistry within a Nanojunction reactor
    Richard W. Taylor, Roger J. Coulston, Frank Biedermann, Sumeet Mahajan, Jeremy J. Baumberg, Oren A. Scherman
    Nano Letters, 13 (12), 5985-5990, 2013
  • Electrokinetic Assembly of One-dimensional Nanoparticle Chains with Cucurbit[7]uril controlled sub-nanometer junctions
    Nina Hüsken, Richard W. Taylor, Dodzi Zigah, Jean-Christophe Taveau, Olivier Lambert, Oren A. Scherman, Jeremy J. Baumberg, Alexander Kuhn
    Nano Letters, 13 (12), 6016-6022, 2013
  • Simple Composite Dipole Model for the Optical Modes of Strongly-Coupled Plasmonic Nanoparticle Aggregates
    Richard W. Taylor, Rubén Esteban, Sumeet Mahajan, Roger Coulston, Oren A. Scherman, Javier Aizpurua, Jeremy J. Baumberg
    Journal Physical Chemistry C, 116 (47), 25044-25051, 2012
  • Direct Visualization of Symmetry Breaking During Janus Nanoparticle Formation
    Gabriel Loget, Tung C. Lee, Richard W. Taylor, Sumeet Mahajan, Olivia Nicoletti, Samuel T. Jones, Richard J. Coulston, Véronique Lapeyre, Patrick Garrigue, Paul A. Midgley, Oren A. Scherman, Jeremy J. Baumberg, Alexander Kuhn
    Small, 8 (17), 2698-2703, 2012
  • How Chain Plasmons Govern the Optical Response in Strongly Interacting Self-Assembled Metallic Clusters
    Rubén Esteban, Richard W. Taylor, Jeremy J. Baumberg, Javier Aizpurua
    Langmuir, 28 (24), 8881-8890, 2012.
  • Precise subnanometer plasmonic junctions for SERS within gold nanoparticle assemblies using cucurbit[n]uril ‘glue
    Richard W. Taylor, Tung-Chun Lee, Oren A. Scherman, Ruben Esteban, Javier Aizpurua, Fu Min Huang, Jeremy J. Baumberg, Sumeet Mahajan
    ACS Nano, 5 (5), 3878-3887, 2011.
  • A scanning tunnelling microscopy investigation of gold island formation from an octanethiol Self-assembled monolayer on Au(111)
    Richard W. Taylor, Nicholas Torr, Zhao Huang, Fangsen Li, Quan Min Guo
    Surface Science, 604 (2), 165-170, 2010.


I was born in the United Kingdom where I completed my graduate studies, gaining a Masters (1st, Hons) in Physics from the University of Birmingham in 2009. Thereafter I completed my doctoral studies in 2013 in the Nanophotonics group of Prof. Jeremy J. Baumberg at the University of Cambridge. The subject of my doctoral work was ‘On the sub-nm plasmonics of gold nanoparticles clusters’, which led to a patent for ‘Plasmonic junctions for surface-enhanced spectroscopy’. In 2013 I joined the group of Prof. Sandoghdar to develop interferometric scattering microscopy for application to live cells, becoming a Humboldt Postdoctoral fellow in 2015. In addition to research activities, I also enjoy aiding efforts for scientific outreach, and I also co-organised the first international workshop on interferometric scattering microscopy in 2020.

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