Dr. Vittorio Peano

  • Senior Scientist
  • Theory Division
  • Room A.2.428
  • Phone +49 9131 7133 446
  • Email

My research lies at the interface between quantum optics and nanophysics and has both fundamental and  applied directions.  On the more fundamental side, I try to understand robust physical phenomena by identifying and studying the simplest possible toy models that capture them. On the applied side of thing, I aim to engineer useful phononic and photonic devices. In both endeavours, I make use of both analytical and numerical tools. Recurring themes in my research include quantum-limited measurements and amplification, heating and activation induced by quantum fluctuations out-of equilibrium, topologically protected transport, symmetry-based band structure engineering. Highlights from my research include providing the first proposal for topologically protected transport of vibrations in the solid state (arXiv Sep 14, Prx 2015) and the first proposal of an active topological device, a topological quantum-limited amplifier (arXiv April 2016, PRX 2016).

For my publications, please refer to my google scholar page.

Please find my detailed cv here.

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