Florian Marquardt - Topological Phases of Sound and Light

Prof Florian Marquardt , FAU Erlangen, Germany


Optomechanical systems, coupling light to nanomechanical motion, are now being investigated for many possible applications like sensitive measurements, quantum state manipulation, and quantum communication, as well as fundamental tests of quantum mechanics. These systems have now reached the stage where one can envisage making them into larger-scale arrays, coupling many vibrational and optical modes. In this talk I will first give a brief introduction to optomechanics. I will then recount our theoretical ideas on how to produce synthetic magnetic fields for photons via the optomechanical interaction.
Finally, I will describe our proposal for achieving topologically protected transport of sound waves, which is an outstanding challenge in any solid-state platform.

"Topological Phases of Sound and Light”, Vittorio Peano, Christian Brendel, Michael Schmidt, and Florian Marquardt, arXiv:1409.5375 (2014).

"Optomechanical creation of magnetic fields for photons on a lattice”, M. Schmidt, S. Keßler, V. Peano, O. Painter, F. Marquardt arXiv:1502.07646 (2015).

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