December school visit to MPL

A group from the Christian-Ernst-Gymnasium in Erlangen visited the Max-Planck-Institute for the Science of Light (MPL) in December. The group of 12th grade physics students were shown a presentation and several different workspaces from a lab to the fibre drawing and mechanics workshop.

At MPL we don't just aim to do great scientific research, we also have an educational mandate. As part of that mandate, we are always happy to show our work to classes from schools or universities. In December, we had the privilege to host a class of about 20 students from the Christian-Ernst-Gymnasium in Erlangen. The 12th grade physics  started their visit learning a bit about both the MPL and the Max Planck Society in general, before getting a presentation from Nico Appold and Maximilian Eiche of the Kayser research group on cellular evolution. They presented a simulation they crafted to demonstrate how cancer cells can develop immunities to treatment. After the presentation, the group then got to visit the lab of the Singh Research Group, where they learned about the development of high resolution miniaturized endoscopic devices for applications ranging from gastroenterology to oncology and got to test the thickness of their own skin!

On the technical side of the institute, the class visited our TDSU for creating some of the most advanced optical fibres in the world, photonic crystal fibres, and our mechanical workshop, where our engineers can build practically anything that is required for the research at MPL. We enjoyed giving the class a behind-the-scenes-look at both the research and technology at MPL.



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