A nearly ideal research building

A working group on sustainable building from the Max Planck Society and the Technical University of Munich visited the building of the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light (MPL) as a positive example.

Building a research building sustainably with its high technical requirements and numerous laboratories is a great challenge, which was solved well in Erlangen. The building can be operated efficiently for many years thanks to flexible room design, decentrally arranged technical units, and energy-saving control of the systems. 

In the MPL building, many sustainability criteria have been implemented almost ideally - approaches that the working group would like to adopt for other research institutions in the future. "We are working on formulating criteria for future research buildings to be constructed in a sustainable and CO2-neutral way," says Christina Böhm from the Max Planck Society. The goal is to design buildings not only for a single defined purpose but to be able to use them sustainably over a long period.



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