Quantum Optics meets Acoustics organized by Birgit Stiller, Wolfgang Löffler and Simon Gröblacher

The Workshop „Quantum Optics meets Acoustics” was held from 14th to 18th of November 2022 at the Lorentz-Center in Leiden, Netherlands, organized by Wolfgang Löffler (Leiden University), Simon Gröblacher (TU Delft) and Birgit Stiller (MPL).

Research group leader Birgit Stiller from MPL was one of the hosts of the Workshop „Quantum Optics meets Acoustics” at the Lorentz-Center in Leiden, Netherlands. The Lorentz Center offers an organizational framework and meeting space for regular workshops across all research disciplines. This workshop brought together 55 researchers across different areas of physics from quantum optics to quantum matter, in order to explore present and future challenges and opportunities of quantum acoustics. In moderated and informal discussion sessions, the researchers aimed to gain an increased understanding of the propagation properties of quantum phonons, to deepen the understanding of their interactions with other systems from spintronics to magnonics, and to identify the fundamental limits of these interactions.

Birgit Stiller was happy with the results of the workshop: “The one-week workshop was full of intense discussions and the new working group concept offered us time to think about novel ideas and identify open questions in our field.”




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