Paper published in Physical Review Research

Our work on quantum dynamics of pulsed Brillouin scattering has been published in Physical Review Research today!

"Quantum coherent control in pulsed waveguide optomechanics" by Junyin Zhang, Changlong Zhu, Christian Wolff, and Birgit Stiller


Coherent control of traveling acoustic excitations in a waveguide system is an interesting way to manipulate and transduce classical and quantum information. So far, these interactions, often based on optomechanical resonators or Brillouin scattering, have been studied in the steady-state regime using continuous waves. However, waveguide experiments are often based on optical pump pulses, which require treatment in a dynamic framework. In this paper, we present an effective Hamiltonian formalism in the dynamic regime using optical pulses that links waveguide optomechanics and cavity optomechanics, which can be used in the classical and quantum regime including quantum noise. Based on our formalism, a closed solution for coupled-mode equation under the undepleted assumption is provided and we found that the strong coupling regime is already accessible in current Brillouin waveguides by using pulses. We further investigate several possible experiments within waveguide optomechanics, including Brillouin-based coherent transfer, Brillouin cooling, and optoacoustic entanglement.



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