Alexander von Humboldt Foundation appointed Birgit Stiller as Henriette Herz Scout

Birgit Stiller, independent group leader in quantum optoacoustics at the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light, studies the interaction between light and sound. The physicist has long made a name for herself as an internationally renowned expert. In addition to her numerous publications in scientific journals and her success in various research funding programmes – including EU Pathfinder and DFG projects – Stiller is already a member or fellow of several scientific committees. The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation has now honoured Birgit Stiller's scientific success by appointing her as a scout in the Henriette Herz Scouting Programme.

Dr. Birgit Stiller and her current team.

The Henriette Herz Scouting Programme is aimed at outstanding  professors and group leaders. The scouts are selected based on their academic achievements, their successful promotion of young researcher careers, their international networks and a convincing concepts for using the program to recruit new talented researchers from abroad. As a scout, Stiller now has the opportunity to nominate three talented researchers from abroad to join her research group as a Postdoc and expand her team with excellent junior researchers. These candidates will each receive a Humboldt Fellowship, which will be awarded after formal approval.

About the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation

The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation promotes international academic cooperation between excellent scientists and scholars from Germany and abroad. Every year, the Foundation grants hundreds of competitive research fellowships which allow scientists from around the world to come to Germany to work on research projects with collaborative partners.

About Birgit Stiller

Dr. Birgit Stiller leads the independent research group “Quantum Optoacoustics”. She and her team are experimentalists, with their main topics revolving around quantum signal processing and optical computing. Their focus is on light-sound interactions. “Exploring new phenomena and opportunities for new applications at the intersection of optics and acoustics is very fascinating and, often enough, surprising.” Birgit Stiller says.

Dr. Stiller recently published several works towards quantum technologies, for instance cooling traveling acoustic waves in a waveguide system and detecting a quantum eavesdropper with localized sound waves. She and her group are also working on revealing exotic thermodynamic regimes and realizing nonreciprocal devices for structured light and sound. Moreover, Dr. Stiller is enthusiastic about their newest work on inventing new types of building blocks for optical neural networks. Dr. Birgit Stiller became a Max Planck Research Group Leader in 2019 and has worked for four years as a Postdoctoral Researcher in integrated photonics at the University of Sydney. Before that, she completed a two-year postdoc in quantum communications, in particular quantum hacking, at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg and the Max-Planck-Institute for the Science of Light. Dr. Stiller received her PhD from the CNRS Institute Femto-St in France.

While scouting for new research talents, Dr. Stiller is looking for experimentalists curious about implementing new unconventional approaches and bringing enthusiasm and creativity with them.

How to apply

“The Henriette Herz Program is very unique in how it is tailored and I very much look forward to working with bright minds from all over the world!”, says Birgit Stiller.
If you are a young scientist and want to be considered for a Humboldt Postdoc Fellowship through the Henriette Herz Program, you can contact Birgit Stiller via

Dr. Birgit Stiller
Research group leader ›Quantum Optoacoustics‹ at the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light, Erlangen. /



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