New paper in Optica Quantum

Detecting an eavesdropper in a quantum channel is essential in a quantum key distribution system. Sender Alice and receiver Bob (or all other involved…

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Welcome to our new group members

A very warm welcome to Cedric Traub, Markus Schmidt and Lisa Fischer who will do their Master and Bacherlor research thesis with us!

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Another postdeadline paper! This time: at Frontiers in Optics 2023

Happy to announce that the Stiller Lab got another Postdeadline Paper accepted, this time at the Frontiers in Optics 2023 Conference by Optica next…

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Postdeadline Paper at the Photonics in Switching and Computing PSC 2023!

Postdeadline Paper at the PSC 2023 Conference (Photonics in Switching and Computing): our work on an optoacoustic perceptron for recurrent neural…

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Light and sound waves reveal negative pressure

Negative pressure is a rare and challenging-to-detect phenomenon in physics. Using liquid-filled optical fibers and sound waves, researchers at the…

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New paper on the arXiv: optoacoustics for recurrent neural networks

We report on the first optoacoustic recurrent operator for the application in optical neural networks:

An optoacoustic field-programmable perceptron…

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