ArXiv: Light storage over 100 pulse widths

Long standing collaboration with a nice group of researchers: our manuscript on "Brillouin light storage for 100 pulse widths" is finally on the arXiv

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Group summer events

Kayaking group event in the Fränkische Schweiz and testing our new apero hour on Fridays at the institute!

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Trapping an easvesdropper using localized optoacoustic detection

Our new work on "Eavesdropper localization for quantum and classical channels via nonlinear scattering" is on the arXiv!


Optical fiber…

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New paper on the arxiv: strong optoacoustic cooling

Read about our new work on strong optoacoustic cooling of a 50cm-long acoustic wave by 219 K from room temperature:


We experimentally…

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Best Poster Award at FNS conference for Laura Blázquez Martínez

For her work on "Optoacoustic active cooling in waveguides", PhD student Laura Blázquez Martínez received the Best Poster Prize at the Frontiers on…

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The Del'Haye-Fattahi-Stiller-Tani Groups go to Berg

Since several years, we enjoy a common journal club of the 4 research groups at MPL headed by the four PIs: Del-Haye, Fattahi, Stiller and Tani. We…

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