Postdeadline paper at CLEO 2023

Postdeadline at CLEO 2023 next week! Nonreciprocal vortex conversion based on flexural acoustic phonons. Congratulations Xinglin!

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Welcome to the group

We warmly welcome James Hubble from Ottawa University to our group within the internship program of the Max Planck – uOttawa Centre for Extreme and…

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New paper on dynamic optoacoustic cooling in continuous systems

Up until now, ground state cooling using optomechanical interaction is realized in cavity-configurations and especially in the regime where optical…

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Alexandra Popp defended her thesis

Congratulations to Dr. Alexandra Popp for defending her thesis on “Quantum limited and distributed measurements of optical fiber systems”. Alexandra…

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Welcome to the group!

Olivia Saffer from Stellenbosch University, Capetown, South Africa and Grigorii Slinkov from Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia, joint us as…

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Steven Becker is part of the Studienstiftung and the Marianne-Plehn-Program

Congratulations to Steven Becker on getting accepted for the Mariann-Plehn-Program of the Max-Weber-Stiftung. This program is solely accessible for…

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