Dr. Clara Wanjura

  • Postdoctoral Researcher
  • Theory Division
  • Room A.2.110
  • Phone +49 9131 7133 420
  • Email

Main projects:

  • C. C. Wanjura*, J. Slim*, J. del Pino, M. Brunelli, E. Verhagen, A. Nunnenkamp,
    Quadrature nonreciprocity: unidirectional bosonic transmission without breaking time-reversal symmetry,
    Nature Physics (2023).
  • M. Brunelli, C. C. Wanjura, A. Nunnenkamp, 
    Restoration of the non-Hermitian bulk-boundary correspondence via topological amplification, 
    arXiv:2207.12427 (2022).
  • C. C. Wanjura, M. Brunelli, A. Nunnenkamp, 
    Correspondence between non-Hermitian topology and directional amplification in the presence of disorder, 
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 127, 213601 (2021).
  • C. C. Wanjura, M. Brunelli, A. Nunnenkamp, 
    Topological framework for directional amplification in driven-dissipative cavity arrays, 
    Nature Communications 11, 3149 (2020).

Other work:

  • B. W. J. Irwin, C. C. Wanjura, D. Molnar, M. J. Rutter, M. C. Payne, P.-L. Chau, 
    GABA receptor associated protein changes the electrostatic environment around the GABA type A receptor,
    Proteins 1- 9 (2021).

Please find my detailed cv here.

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