TDSU Lab-on-a-chip Systems

The TDSU4 provides services and scientific support within the design, fabrication and optimization of micro-structured materials and microfluidic devices. 

Several microfabrication technologies (photolithography, soflithography, etching, thin metal deposition, droplet microfluidics) and bonding procedures are applied to different organic and inorganic materials and combined to develop novel cell-scale sensors and tailored microfluidic chips, mainly for biological and biophysical applications.

Service List

  • Design, fabrication, and optimization of microfluidic chips 
  • Microelectrodes integration in microfluidic chips
  • Operation of microfluidic chips by fast epifluorescence microscope combined with an ultraprecise pressure-based microfluidic controller
  • Droplet microfluidic technology for the production of water in oil and oil in water emulsions:
    • droplet-based cell encapsulation 
    • production of cell-mimic microgel beads (controlled size, elasticity and refractive index)
  • Softlithography applied on elastomeric and thermoplastic materials
  • Control of surface wettability and chemistry through the air, oxygen plasma process and Microcontact printing (µCP).
  • Surface topography and thin film thickness analysis by optical profiling microscope

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