QuNET initiative: One step closer to highly secure quantum communication

Quantum key successfully distributed between two points with combination of free-space and fiber links

The first key experiment within the QuNET initiative together with DLR, IOF, HHI has been completed successfully. Scientists from MPL and FAU made several contributions to the key experiment. On the one hand, investigations on quantum key distribution with continuous variables were performed. As Prof. Dr. Christoph Marquardt states, "The biggest challenge for us in science is to unify the latest developments on quantum information theory security proofs with experimental systems." A system for encrypting a cloud instance using quantum keys was also implemented. "In doing so, we complement common systems for secure communication with the use of quantum keys, so that the user enjoys a new level of security without even realizing it," Ömer Bayraktar comments.

You can read more about it in the official press release: https://mpl.mpg.de/fileadmin/user_upload/Pressemitteilungen/2023-07-31-PM-QuNET-KE-1-en.pdf

Image: © Fraunhofer IOF



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