New Seminar Series: IMPRS Monday Show

The International Max Planck Research School (IMPRS) Physics of Light has successfully launched an event for PhD students at the Erlanger MPI.

IMPRS Monday Show: Steven Becker

Photo: MPL

IMPRS Monday Show: audience

Photo: MPL

"This is the start of a new tradition", proclaimed MPL director Vahid Sandoghdar during his opening remarks of the event. He and his team from the International Max Planck Research School (IMPRS) Physics of Light had the idea to foster the exchange between PhD students with a new seminar series - and to provide for the whole Max Planck Institute a quick insight into the projects of different groups. "The IMPRS Monday Show, as we call it, consists of an exciting short presentation of 10 minutes by one of the PhD students", explains Sandoghdar. It will take place every Monday at 13:15 in the foyer of the institute. After the lecture there will be enough time - and coffee - to discuss its topic.

Steven Becker was the very first speaker of the IMPRS Monday Show. The PhD student from the Stiller Research Group talked about his research on multi-frequency optoacoustics. Vahid Sandoghdar thanked with an MPL pen and pencil set.


IMPRS Monday Show: Vahid Sandoghdar

Photo: MPL

Photo: MPL



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