Welcome to the website of the Francesco Tani Research Group

The group research activity focuses on ultrafast phenomena and chiroptical spectroscopy. We use photonic crystal fibres to enhance and finely control the interaction of light with matter in the gaseous and liquid phases. In this fashion, we study the properties of materials, and fundamental nonlinear dynamics and develop new and key-enabling light sources for a wide range of applications. These include time-resolved studies of electrons in matter, metrology, and spectroscopy. Our light  can exceed by far the brightness of synchrotron facilities while being very compact and providing light with comparable spectral coverage and significantly finer temporal resolution.

By using our light sources and appositely designed photonic crystal fibres, we work on the development of new photonic platforms for measuring the chirality of different compounds with much higher sensitivity than state-of-the-art technology. Chirality plays a pivotal role in many chemical reactions, and accurately determining it is fundamental for pharmaceuticals and ascertaining the impact of many pollutants and pesticides. Our systems will enable quick and efficient characterization of drugs using minimal sample volume, which is crucial for determining their efficacy and safety and for their development. 



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