Physics World and BBC World Radio highlight our work on photonic computation with sound waves

Physics World writes about our publication in Nature Communications on an optoacoustic recurrent operator for optical neural networks. The article…

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New paper in npj nanophotonics

Is it possible to store 100ps-long optical pulses into acoustic waves? The question is very justified as the resonance that we use for light-storage…

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Ohm Award for Philipp Wiedemann

Congratulations to Philipp Wiedemann who received the Ohm Prize for his Bachelorthesis entitled “Brillouin Entanglement and Optoacoustic Cooling in…

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Photonic computation with sound waves

Optical neural networks may provide the high-speed and large-capacity solution necessary to tackle challenging computing tasks. However, tapping their…

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Alexander von Humboldt Foundation appointed Birgit Stiller as Henriette Herz Scout

Birgit Stiller, independent group leader in quantum optoacoustics at the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light, studies the interaction…

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WOMBAT 5 in Campinas, Brazil

Half of our group went to the Workshop of OptoMechanics and Brillouin scattering (WOMBAT) in Campinas. Organized by Prof. Gustavo Wiederhecker and…

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