January 20th, 2017

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Dr. Martin Heine, Leibniz Institute for Neurobiology, Magdeburg, Germany
"Surface Dynamics of Ion Channels Tune Neuronal Communication"

Prof. Dr. Benjamin Grewe, Institute for Neuroinformatics, ETH Zürich, Switzerland
"Embedding Associative Memories in Neuronal Networks of the Emotional Brain"

Prof. Dr. Dennis Kätzel, Institute of Applied Physiology, University of Ulm, Germany
"Optogenetic Dissection of Inhibitory and Schizophrenia-realted Circuitry"

Carsten Tischbirek, Institute of Neuroscience, TU München, Germany
"Two-photon Calcium-Imaging of Neuronal Circuits in all Layers of the Mouse Cortex in vivo"

Dr. Alexander Groh, Department of Neurosurgery, TU München, Germany
"Probing Synaptic Interactions during Sensory Processing in Deep Brain Structures"


The symposium was concluded by Prof. Dr. Sandoghdar, who extended his gratitude to the speakers for rendering a fascinating overview on research projects at the forefront of Systems Neuroscience, with each lecture giving rise to lively and often far-ranging discussions with the audience. In his understanding, the symposium also called upon physics to assume a primary role in devising new means of insight into the workings of the brain at all levels of investigation.

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