Theory division seminars


28/05/2024, Niels Schröter, MPI of Microstructure Physics Halle, TBA

Previous seminars

27/02/2024, Tong Wang, School of Physics, Peking University, Numerical Study of Disorder-driven Quantum Phase Transitions

13/02/2024 Maciej Koch-Janusz, Haiqu Inc. & University of Zurich, Effective descriptions of statistical and dynamical systems through the lens of compression theory

06/02/2024 Johannes Brandstaetter, MS-AI4Science and JKU Linz, Is it the network, or is it the data? Quo vadis, scientific research?

23/01/2024 Daniel Burgarth, FAU, Strong Error Bounds for Trotter & Strang-Splittings and their Implications for Quantum Chemistry

13/12/2023 Ki Young Lee, Hanyang University, Korea, Revealing new topological effects in metasurfaces

21/11/2023 Linglin Fan, MIT, Energy-efficient photonic computing with physics-hardware co-learning

27/10/2023  Alexander Cerjan, Sandia National Laboratories, An Operator-Based Approach to Topological Physics: Band Structures and Bloch Eigenstates not Required

13/10/2023  Alexander Felski, Universität Heidelberg, Non-Hermitian fermions in effective QCD

15/09/2023 Lingzhen Guo, Tianjin University, Arbitrary Phase-space Hamiltonian Engineering for Bosonic Codes

12/09/2023 Jonathan Conrad, Freie Universität Berlin, Twirling GKP codes between theory and application

12/09/2023 Christopher Wächtler, University of California, Berkeley, Topological synchronization of classical and quantum systems

11/09/2023 Lei Du, Chalmers University of Technology, Giant atoms in a synthetic frequency dimension

14/08/2023  Peter McMahon, Cornell University, Computing with Physical Systems

14/08/2023 Lucas Winter, Universität Konstanz, Topological Protection of the Fractional Quantum Hall Effect in a Cavity

04/07/2023  Julian Arnold, Universität Basel, Replacing neural networks by optimal predictive models for the detection of phase transitions

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