Welcome to Nazlican!

April 2024 The lab welcomes Nazlican Yürekli joining our group as PhD student!

Welcome to Dijo!

February 2024 The lab welcomes Dijo Moonnukandathil Joseph, joining our group as PhD student!

New publication at Nature Methods

February 2024 Together with the Sandoghdar division, spearheaded by Cornelia Holler and Richard Taylor, we introduce uKiss, a robust, precisely controllable method to deliver molecules and particles to live cells. Read the paper here!

New preprint!

January 2024 We introduce BIOS, a universal strategy to induce oxidative stress-mediated cell death in biological systems. A great collaboration with the groups of Hansjörg Grützmacher at ETH Zurich and Daniel Wehner here at MPL -- read the preprint here!

Leonhard is awarded with the Sommerfeld Prize

December 2023 The Bavarian Academy of Sciences awards Leonhard with the Sommerfeld Prize 2023 in recognition of his achievements in the field of fundamental and applied glycobiology. Read the eulogy here.

New preprint!

October 2023 Together with the group of Mario Krenn here at MPL, we developed XLuminA, a novel computational framework for AI-assisted discovery of optical setups. Read the preprint here!

New press release

September 2023 Read the latest press release from the MPL on our group here, describing upcoming research enabled by several new grants.

New preprint

September 2023 Check out our latest work on glycoRNAs and RNA-binding proteins on the cell surface, a wonderful collaboration with Ryan Flynn. Read the preprint here!

Welcome to Saeed!

July 2023 The lab welcomes Saeed Alidoust Chamandani, joining us for his Mater Thesis!

Welcome to Reem!

June 2023 The lab welcomes Reem Hashem, joining us for a research internship.

Welcome to Hussein!

May 2023 The lab welcomes Hussein Hammoud, joining our group for his Master Thesis!

New paper in The Journal of Physical Chemistry!

May 2023 Our paper on an easy-to-align, robust, and cost-efficient design for super-resolution localization microscopy is out in The Journal of Physical Chemistry A. Read it here!

Welcome to Paavana!

April 2023 The lab welcomes Paavana Sathish, joining us for her Master Thesis!

Welcome to Michael and Ingo!

March 2023 The lab welcomes Michael Röhrl and Ingo vom Sondern from CAU Kiel, joining our group as guest scientists!

Welcome to Carla!

March 2023 The lab welcomes Carla Brunner, joining us for a research internship.

Karim goes to Lindau!

March 2023 Amazing News: Karim was elected as a Young Scientist to join the 72nd Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting!

New paper in Current Topics in Membranes

March 2023 Our review discusses what's missing for the glycocalyx to become a universal pharmacological target. Read it here!

Karim speaks at the Youth Knowledge Forum!

December 2022 Karim was elected to speak at the Youth Knowledge Forum about his research and his career path!

New paper in Matrix Biology Plus

December 2022 Our review comprehensively surveys small-molecule inhibitors of mammalian glycsylation. Read it here!

W.E. visits us!

July 2022 We had an amazing time discussing science with W.E. Moerner!

Leonhard goes to Lindau

June 2022 Leonhard was elected to join the 71st Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting as Visiting Scientist.

Jessica Kramer visits us

May 2022 A wonderful visit by our collaborator Jessica Kramer from the University of Utah!

Welcome to Gianluca!

April 2022 The lab welcomes Gianluca Nestola, joining us for his Master's Project.

Welcome to Jana!

February 2022 The Möckl group welcomes Jana Bachir, joining us for her Master's Project.

The GlycoTrackers receive an RSC Horizon Prize!

June 2021 It is a huge honor to be part of the GlycoTrackers Team, awarded with an RSC Horizon Prize! We developed a set of chemical precision tools that enable direct mapping of glycans by examining the activity of defined glycosyltransferases. Read the full story here.

Welcome to Claus!

May 2021 The Möckl group welcomes Dr. Claus Bier, Guest Scientist from CAU Kiel!

Karim becomes an IMPRS scholar

March 2021 Karim has successfully applied for the IMPRS - Physics of Light. Find more information about this interdisciplinary graduate college here.

Welcome to Karim and Malte!

March 2021 The Möckl group welcomes its first PhD students, Karim Almahayin and Malte Spiekermann!

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