PhD Position in (Bio)Physics

“Origin and progression of fibrotic diseases due to mechanical interactions between cells and extracellular matrix”

with Prof. Dr. Ben Fabry (Biophysics / FAU)

About the project

More information about the Biophysics Research Group can be found here.


PhD Positions in Theoretical Physics

at the interface of nanophysics and quantum optics

with Prof. Dr. Florian Marquardt (Theory / MPL)

Potential theoretical topics on:

  • quantum cavity optomechanics and topological transport
  • machine learning (deep neural networks) applied to physics
  • quantum technologies including quantum simulation

More information about the Theory Division can be found here.


What do we need from you?

Please download the pdf file that contains a list of documents we ask you to include in your application. Please work with the list thoroughly and make sure to have assembled all necessary certificates / transcripts / documentation / reports before handing in your application!

Please send your application to:

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