The language of our program is English, in instruction as well as in daily interaction.

IMPRS-PL collaborates with the Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nürnberg; mainly with the Physics Department and the Faculty of Engineering.

Interested BA students who want to commence their Master studies in Erlangen in the framework of IMPRS can do this either through the Master of Sciences in Physics at the Physics Department or the Master in Advanced Optical Technologies (MAOT) at the Faculty of Engineering at FAU.

The IMPRS Physics of Light is currently led by one spokesperson from MPL. The position rotates between the MPL directors.

The decision-making process takes place in regular meetings of the IMPRS-PL steering committee that consists of spokesperson, scientific coordinator, administrative coordinators and student representatives.

The selection committee is composed of the scientific coordinator and voluntary faculty members representing different key expertise. The main goal of the selection committee is to identify the best candidates based on the submitted applications and to conduct interviews with those candidates.

The Program coordinators are responsible for the administrative affairs of the research school and primary contact persons for the IMPRS students and interested Master or doctoral candidates.

Student representatives are elected by the master and doctoral candidates participating in the programme. They establish the link between the faculty and students and are members of the monthly meeting committee.

The monthly meeting committee consists of the two student representatives and voluntary IMPRS students who are in charge of the planning and organization of monthly IMPRS meetings that contain e.g. invited talks, business trips or lab tours.

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