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Florian Marquardt
(Scientific Director)

Nanophysics and Quantum Optics
Machine Learning for Physics

Flore Kunst
(Independent Research
Group Leader)

Non-Hermitian Topology

Mario Krenn
(Independent Research
Group Leader)

Artificial Scientist Lab

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In our research, we apply tools from condensed matter theory and from quantum optics to a range of questions at the interface of nanophysics and quantum optics, addressing both quantum and classical dynamics. In our approach, we often try to identify the salient features of experimentally relevant situations and condense them into minimalist models which can then be attacked with all the state-of-the-art theoretical tools. At the same time, we also care about the direct contact with experiments, down to designing the classical electromagnetic and acoustic properties of specific structures.


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Discovering Quantum Circuit Components with Program Synthesis

Leopoldo Sarra, Kevin Ellis, Florian Marquardt

arXiv 2305.01707 (2023) Preprint | PDF

Quantum interference between distant creation processes

Johannes Pseiner, Manuel Erhard, Mario Krenn

arXiv 2304.03683 (2023) Preprint | PDF

Multiphoton non-local quantum interference controlled by an undetected photon

Kaiyi Qian, Kai Wang, Leizhen Chen, Hou Zhaohua, Mario Krenn, Shining Zhu, Xiao-Song Ma

Nature Communications 14 1480 (2023) (2023) | Journal | PDF

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