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Mario Krenn: Group leader. Excited about the future of AI-augmented ideas and concepts in science -- and in general about the acceleration of Science and Technology through Artificial Intelligence.

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Sören Arlt: Ph.D student. I enjoy thinking about computer-inspired physics and other interesting things. I like going on adventures in nature as well as learning new skills (some can be useful, one is riding a unicycle).

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Carlos Ruiz González: Ph.D student. Always curious about unexpected phenomena and applications from Quantum Physics. Also interested in Social Sciences, Music, Cooking, Science Fiction, and, of course, Artificial Intelligence. At some point I expect to beat Mario at Go.

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Juilee Kulkarni: Master student. Interested in Machine Learning and Data Analytics, Natural Language Processing, Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing, Energy Engineering. 

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Jan Petermann: Bachelor student. Discovering new concepts with the help of AI is very fascinating for me, especially in the field of physics. Other passions of mine include climbing and hiking.


Marquardt Division

Krenn Junior Research Group

MPI for the Science of Light

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