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Mario Krenn: Group leader. Excited about the future of AI-augmented ideas and concepts in science -- and in general about the acceleration of Science and Technology through Artificial Intelligence.

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Xuemei Gu: Alexander-Von-Humboldt Postdoctoral Fellow. Interested in exploring the AI-powered creativity to discover new physical phenomena in complex quantum systems and their real-world applications.

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Carla Rodriguez: Postdoctoral researcher. Amazed by the idea of doing science through AI. Powered by endless curiosity, heavy metal and coffee. My hobbies include weightlifting, reading and discussing about One Piece.

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Sören Arlt: Ph.D student. I enjoy thinking about computer-inspired physics and other interesting things. I like going on adventures in nature as well as learning new skills (some can be useful, one is riding a unicycle).

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Carlos Ruiz González: Ph.D student. Always curious about unexpected phenomena and applications from Quantum Physics. Also interested in Social Sciences, Music, Cooking, Science Fiction, and, of course, Artificial Intelligence. At some point I expect to beat Mario at Go.

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Tareq Jaouni: Joint PhD student with Dr. Ebrahim Karimi’s Structured Quantum Optics group at the University of Ottawa. Intrigued by what sort of novel ideas in physics can be concocted by an artificial scientist. Primary interests include food, cycling, coding, Pokémon, reading out loud, and role-playing.

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Jonathan Klimesch: Master student (external at TU Munich). Interested in solving scientific problems with the help of interpretable AI. Also interested in technologies for structuring and sharing knowledge. My philosophy tells me to maximize our available choices for action. From time to time I am very excited to travel to remote places.

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Lode Vermeulen: External bachelor student from the university of Amsterdam. Love anything related to physics, math and computers. Looking to contribute to building a replacement for scientists. Hobbies include waterpolo, chess and programming.

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Bachelor thesis (July 2024): Formal Verification of Mathematics Behind Quantum Optics Experiments



Philipp S. Schmidt: Master student. Enjoy coding and fascinated by the prospect of using artifical intelligence in assisting physicists, especially for applications in optical computing and experimental design. Private interests include the great outdoors, archery and Kendo.


Master Thesis (March 2024): Interpretable Representations of Artificially Discovered Experiments in Quantum Optics via Virtual Reality


Juilee Kulkarni: Master student. Interested in Machine Learning and Data Analytics, Natural Language Processing, Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing, Energy Engineering. 

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Master Thesis (December 2022): Prediction of future research trends in Optics using Semantic Analysis and Artificial Neural Networks.


Jan Petermann: Bachelor student. Discovering new concepts with the help of AI is very fascinating for me, especially in the field of physics. Other passions of mine include climbing and hiking.

Bachelor Thesis (November 2022): Digital Discovery of Experimental Setups for Creating Highly-Entangled Quantum States.


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