Workshop on Artificial Scientific Discovery 2021

Leopoldo Sarra and Florian Marquardt (Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light, Theory Division)

This workshop aims to bring together some of the world's experts working on the most exciting routes towards true automated scientific discovery. The explicit purpose of this workshop is to emphasize those cases where the machine generates new insights on its own (rather than merely exploiting the well-known tools of machine learning as an aid in human-directed discovery). The most important goal of this workshop is to inspire discussions on possible avenues for future developments.

The workshop will take place online, from June 29 (Tue) to July 1 (Thu), running each day from 4pm CET (=10 am EDT) to about 8pm, including a break.

Confirmed Invited Speakers
(so far)

Natalia Ares (Oxford)
Hans Briegel (Innsbruck)
Kevin Ellis (Cornell)
Ross King (Chalmers)
Mario Krenn (Toronto)
J. Nathan Kutz (U of Washington, Seattle)
Georg Martius (MPI for Intelligent Systems, Tuebingen)
Renato Renner (ETH Zürich)
James P. Sethna (Cornell)
Sebastian Wetzel (Perimeter Institute, Canada)


The program will be announced here in time.


Registration will be open (free of charge) starting June 1 until June 23. The registration link will be placed here.

Contributed posters

Besides the invited talks, there will also be a virtual poster session, where we invite contributed presentations from anyone.

Please send an email to if you intend to present a poster, including the title of your poster and your affiliation. Deadline: June 14

After the deadline, we will ask you to send us a portrait or landscape format poster as a pdf for the virtual session (on the "" platform). We will 'place' this into the 'poster room', where viewers will be able to approach the poster and then zoom into (and scroll through) the poster. Please do not send slides!

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