Clean room basic information

A clean room is an area with a limited amount of particles of a given size.

In order to keep the working area as clean as possible a special air flow system runs 24 hours.

  • Footprint cleanroom 24m34m
  • Height 9m
  • Recirculating air
  • Supplied fresh air 22600m3/h
  • Temperature 21C1K
  • Humidity 50%10%
  • ISO class 5/6/7
  • Nanofabrication facilities:
    • 183m2 ISO class 6, including 111m2 lab space with yellow light for processing UV sensitive materials
    • 238m2 of unclassified grey area for air back flow and hosting most of the main and peripheral equipment
  • Labs for lithography, photochemistry, thin film deposition, and dry etching, as well as a chemistry lab with a dedicated area for working with hydrofluoric acid (HF)
  •  Fibre fabrication:
    • 23m2 ISO class 5 for fibre stacking
    • 74m2 ISO class 7 lab of clear height 8.5 m, containing 3 fibre drawing towers
    • 72m2 ISO class 7 lab for preparation work
  •  Shared area: gowning area and storage area
  •  Grey area only accessible from inside the cleanroom


Air handling is a key element to cleanroom operation to maintain a particulate-free working area. Fresh outside air is brought in filtered and dehumidified to the cleanroom plenum, where it is lead/pushed through fine filter units (FFUs) into the working area (white area). Particles that are may be in the air get trapped by the laminar air flow generated by the FFUs and are driven through the perforated floor panels. Via the grey area the whole air inside the cleanroom recirculates through the FFUs, while it is supplemented with outside air.


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