The ability to fabricate various types of nanostructures at the MPL is a core facility which allows a fast realization of experiments based on micro- and nanofabricated elements such as photonic crystals, plasmonic nanoantennas, metamaterials, optomechanics, chip-based quantum networks, artificial waveplates and diffractive optics. For this purpose the MPL has a TDSU in the area of micro- and nanofabrication covering a wide range of techniques (for further information see "Equipment").

The TDSU for Nanostructuring focuses on providing the institute with micro- and nanostructured elements including the process development and optimization, the fabrication, the structure design and the maintenance of the equipment and the cleanroom management. The cleanroom and the equipment within is accessible for trained users from all divisions of the MPL. The introduction to the systems, the process training and the process counselling  is done by the TDSU 1 members.

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