Additional lab equipment

Besides the major structuring tools the TDSU operates additional lab equipment which enhances the quality of the produced samples and also gives the possibilty for further processing.

The vacuum oven is mainly used for the pre-/post-bake of thick resists and long term annealing of samples.

  •     Temperature range: 20 - 150°C
  •     Vacuum down to 100 mbar

The wire bonder allows the electrical interconnection of devices/chips with other devices or circuits.

    Gold and aluminum wire

    Wedge, ball, bump and ribbon bonding

    Motorized z- & y-axis

    Programmable loop profile

The plasmacleaner is used for gentle plasma treatment with oxygen for functionalization and smooth cleaning of organic residues.

  •     Maximum power: 500 W @ 100 kHz
  •     Minimum pressure 0.1 mbar
  •     Automated process control
  •     Slow pumping for very light samples
  •     Faraday cage available
  •     Samples up to 4’’ wafers

The spin coater in photolithography lab is only used to spin on resists or other photosensitive materials. For all other material an additional similar spin coater is provided in the chemical lab.

  •     Speed 0 - 6000 rpm, acceleration 0 - 4000 rpm/s
  •     Automated recipes with several steps possible
  •     Sample holders from 3 mm samples to 5’’ photomasks

The two high precision hotplates are used for soft and postbake of samples spin coated with resist only.

  •     Temperature range: 20 - 200°C
  •     Temperature precision +/- 0.5 K

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