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Topologically-protected traveling-wave amplifier

Aashish Clerk, Martin Houde, Florian Marquardt, Vittorio Peano


Cavity optomechanics in a levitated helium drop

L. Childress, M. P. Schmidt, A. D. Kashkanova, C. D. Brown, G. I. Harris, Andrea Aiello, Florian Marquardt, J. G. E. Harris

Physical Review A 96(6) 063842 (2017) | Journal | PDF

Multiparameter Quantum Metrology of Incoherent Point Sources: Towards Realistic Superresolution

J. Rehacek, Z. Hradil, B. Stoklasa, M. Paur, J. Grover, A. Krzic, Luis Sanchez-Soto

Physical Review A 96(6) 062107 (2017) | Journal | PDF

L lines, C points and Chern numbers: understanding band structure topology using polarization fields

Thomas Fösel, Vittorio Peano, Florian Marquardt

New Journal of Physics 19 115013 (2017) | Journal | PDF

Quantum metrology at the limit with extremal Majorana constellations

F. Bouchard, P. de la Hoz, G. Bjork, R. W. Boyd, Markus Grassl, Z. Hradil, E. Karimi, A. B. Klimov, Gerd Leuchs, et al.

Optica 4(11) 1429-1432 (2017) | Journal | PDF

Fibonacci-Lucas SIC-POVMs

Markus Grassl, Andrew J. Scott

Journal of Mathematical Physics 58 122201 (2017) | Journal | PDF

Kinetics of CrPV and HCV IRES-mediated eukaryotic translation using single-molecule fluorescence microscopy

Olivier Bugaud, Nathalie Barbier, Helene Chommy, Nicolas Fiszman, Antoine Le Gall, David Dulin, Matthieu Saguy, Nathalie Westbrook, Karen Perronet, et al.

RNA 23(11) 1626-1635 (2017) | Journal

Signatures of Nucleotide Analog Incorporation by an RNA-Dependent RNA Polymerase Revealed Using High-Throughput Magnetic Tweezers

David Dulin, Jamie J. Arnold, Theo van Laar, Hyung-Suk Oh, Cheri Lee, Angela L. Perkins, Daniel A. Harki, Martin Depken, Craig E. Cameron, et al.

Cell Reports 21(4) 1063-1076 (2017) | Journal

Tracing the phase of focused broadband laser pulses

Dominik Hoff, Michael Krueger, Lothar Maisenbacher, A. M. Sayler, Gerhard G. Paulus, Peter Hommelhoff

NATURE PHYSICS 13(10) 947-951 (2017) | Journal

Tracing the phase of focused broadband laser pulses

Dominik Hoff, Michael Krüger, Lothar Maisenbacher, A. M. Sayler, Gerhard G. Paulus, Peter Hommelhoff

Nature Physics 13(10) 947-951 (2017) | Journal | PDF

Majorization uncertainty relations for mixed quantum states

Zbigniew Puchała, Łukasz Rudnicki, Aleksandra Krawiec, Karol Życzkowski

General Linearized Theory of Quantum Fluctuations around Arbitrary Limit Cycles

Carlos Navarrete-Benlloch, Talitha Weiss, Stefan Walter, Germán J. de Valcarcel

Physical Review Letters 119(13) 133601 (2017) | Journal | PDF

Dielectric laser acceleration of sub-relativistic electrons by few-cycle laser pulses

M. Kozak, M. Foerster, J. McNeur, N. Schoenenberger, K. Leedle, H. Deng, J. S. Harris, R. L. Byer, P. Hommelhoff


Cavity Antiresonance Spectroscopy of Dipole Coupled Subradiant Arrays

David Plankensteiner, Christian Sommer, Helmut Ritsch, Claudiu Genes

PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 119(9) 093601 (2017) | Journal

Unraveling beam self-healing

Andrea Aiello, Girish S. Agarwal, Martin Paur, Bohumil Stoklasa, Zdenek Hradil, Jaroslav Rehacek, Pablo de la Hoz, Gerd Leuchs, Luis L. Sanchez-Soto

Optics Express 25(16) 19147-19157 (2017) | Journal | PDF

Efficient tomography with unknown detectors

L. Motka, M. Paur, J. Rehacek, Z. Hradil, L. L. Sanchez-Soto

Quantum Sci. Technol. 2, 035003 (2017) 2(3) UNSP 035003 (2017) | Journal | PDF

From Kardar-Parisi-Zhang scaling to explosive desynchronization in arrays of limit-cycle oscillators

Roland Lauter, Aditi Mitra, Florian Marquardt

Physical Review E 96(1) 012220 (2017) | Journal | PDF

Invariant Perfect Tensors

Youning Li, Muxin Han, Markus Grassl, Bei Zeng

New Journal of Physics 19 063029 (2017) | Journal | PDF

Probing the salt dependence of the torsional stiffness of DNA by multiplexed magnetic torque tweezers

Franziska Kriegel, Niklas Ermann, Ruaridh Forbes, David Dulin, Nynke H. Dekker, Jan Lipfert

Nucleic Acids Research 45(10) 5920-5929 (2017) | Journal

Towards optimal quantum tomography with unbalanced homodyning

Yong Siah Teo, Hyunseok Jeong, Luis L. Sanchez-Soto

Physical Review A 96 042333 | Journal | PDF

Synchronization of an optomechanical system to an external drive

Ehud Amitai, Niels Loerch, Andreas Nunnenkamp, Stefan Walter, Christoph Bruder

Physical Review A 95(5) 053858 (2017) | Journal | PDF

Focusing characteristics of a 4 pi parabolic mirror light-matter interface

Lucas Alber, Martin Fischer, Marianne Bader, Klaus Mantel, Markus Sondermann, Gerd Leuchs


Quantum-coherent phase oscillations in synchronization

Talitha Weiss, Stefan Walter, Florian Marquardt

Physical Review A 95(4) 041802 (2017) | Journal | PDF

Many-Particle Dephasing after a Quench

Thomas Kiendl, Florian Marquardt

Physical Review Letters 118(13) 130601 (2017) | Journal | PDF

Label-free optical detection of single enzyme-reactant reactions and associated conformational changes

Eugene Kim, Martin D. Baaske, Isabel Schuldes, Peter S. Wilsch, Frank Vollmer

Science Advances 3(3) e1603044 (2017) | Journal

Pseudomagnetic fields for sound at the nanoscale

Christian Brendel, Vittorio Peano, Oskar J. Painter, Florian Marquardt

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 114(17) E3390-E3395 | Journal | PDF

Towards next-generation label-free biosensors: recent advances in whispering gallery mode sensors

Eugene Kim, Martin D. Baaske, Frank Vollmer

Lab on a Chip 17(7) 1190-1205 (2017) | Journal

Coarse graining the phase space of N qubits

Olivia Di Matteo, Luis Sanchez-Soto, Gerd Leuchs, Markus Grassl

Physical Review A 95(2) 022340 (2017) | Journal | PDF

Significant performance enhancement of InGaN/GaN nanorod LEDs with multi-layer graphene transparent electrodes by alumina surface passivation

Michael Latzel, P. Buettner, George Sarau, Katja Höflich, Martin Heilmann, W. Chen, X. Wen, G. Conibeer, Silke Christiansen

NANOTECHNOLOGY 28(5) 055201 (2016) | Journal

Cryogenic optical localization provides 3D protein structure data with Angstrom resolution

Siegfried Weisenburger, Daniel Boening, Benjamin Schomburg, Karin Giller, Stefan Becker, Christian Griesinger, Vahid Sandoghdar

Nature methods 14 141-144 (2017) | Journal

High visibility in two-color above-threshold photoemission from tungsten nanotips in a coherent control scheme

Timo Paschen, Michael Förster, Michael Krüger, Christoph Lemell, Georg Wachter, Florian Libisch, Thomas Madlener, Joachim Burgdoerfer, Peter Hommelhoff

JOURNAL OF MODERN OPTICS 64(10-11) 1054-1060 (2017) | Journal

Optical gating and streaking of free electrons with sub-optical cycle precision

M. Kozak, J. McNeur, K. J. Leedle, H. Deng, N. Schoenenberger, A. Ruehl, I. Hartl, J. S. Harris, R. L. Byer, et al.

NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 8 14342 (2017) | Journal

Small sets of complementary observables

Markus Grassl, D. McNulty, L. Mišta, T. Paterek

Physical Review A 95(1) 012118 (2017) | Journal | PDF

Generalized non-reciprocity in an optomechanical circuit via synthetic magnetism and reservoir engineering

Kejie Fang, Jie Luo, Anja Metelmann, Matthew H. Matheny, Florian Marquardt, Aashish A. Clerk, Oskar Painter

Nature Physics 13(5) 465-471 (2017) | Journal

Shifting the phase of a coherent beam with a Yb-174(+) ion: influence of the scattering cross section

Martin Fischer, Bharath Srivathsan, Lucas Alber, Markus Weber, Markus Sondermann, Gerd Leuchs

APPLIED PHYSICS B-LASERS AND OPTICS 123(1) 48 (2017) | Journal | PDF

Anderson localization of composite excitations in disordered optomechanical arrays

Thales Figueiredo Roque, Vittorio Peano, Oleg M. Yevtushenko, Florian Marquardt

New Journal of Physics 19 013006 (2017) | Journal | PDF

Roadmap on structured light

Halina Rubinsztein-Dunlop, Andrew Forbes, M. V. Berry, M. R. Dennis, David L. Andrews, Masud Mansuripur, Cornelia Denz, Christina Alpmann, Peter Banzer, et al.

JOURNAL OF OPTICS 19(1) 013001 (2017) | Journal

Light-matter interactions in multi-element resonators

Claudiu Genes, Aurelien Dantan


Optimal measurements for resolution beyond the Rayleigh limit

J. Rehacek, M. Paur, B. Stoklasa, Z. Hradil, L. L. Sanchez-Soto

OPTICS LETTERS 42(2) 231-234 (2017) | Journal

Free-space propagation of high-dimensional structured optical fields in an urban environment

Martin P. J. Lavery, Christian Peuntinger, Kevin Guenthner, Peter Banzer, Dominique Elser, Robert W. Boyd, Miles J. Padgett, Christoph Marquardt, Gerd Leuchs

SCIENCE ADVANCES 3(10) e1700552 (2017) | Journal

Optimally cloned binary coherent states

C. R. Mueller, G. Leuchs, Ch. Marquardt, U. L. Andersen

PHYSICAL REVIEW A 96(4) 042311 (2017) | Journal

Some results on the structure of constacyclic codes and new linear codes over GF(7) from quasi-twisted codes

Nuh Aydin, Nicholas Connolly, Markus Grassl


New self-dual additive F_4-codes constructed from circulant graphs

Markus Grassl, Masaaki Harada

DISCRETE MATHEMATICS 340(3) 399-403 (2017) | Journal

Efficient Nitrogen Doping of Single-Layer Graphene Accompanied by Negligible Defect Generation for Integration into Hybrid Semiconductor Heterostructures

George Sarau, Martin Heilmann, Muhammad Bashouti, Michael Latzel, Christian Tessarek, Silke Christiansen

ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES 9(11) 10003-10011 (2017) | Journal

Optical gating and streaking of free electrons with sub-optical cycle precision

M. Kozak, J. McNeur, K. J. Leedle, H. Deng, N. Schoenenberger, A. Ruehl, I. Hartl, J. S. Harris, R. L. Byer, et al.

NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 8 14342 (2017) | Journal

Plasmonic gold helices for the visible range fabricated by oxygen plasma purification of electron beam induced deposits

Caspar Haverkamp, Katja Hoeflich, Sara Jaeckle, Anna Manzoni, Silke Christiansen

NANOTECHNOLOGY 28(5) 055303 (2017) | Journal

Quantum-limited measurements of optical signals from a geostationary satellite

Kevin Guenthner, Imran Khan, Dominique Elser, Birgit Stiller, Oemer Bayraktar, Christian R. Mueller, Karen Saucke, Daniel Troendle, Frank Heine, et al.

OPTICA 4(6) 611-616 (2017) | Journal

Enhanced Control of Transient Raman Scattering Using Buffered Hydrogen in Hollow-Core Photonic Crystal Fibers

P. Hosseini, D. Novoa, A. Abdolvand, P. St. J. Russell

PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 19(25) 253903 (2017) | Journal

Universality of Coherent Raman Gain Suppression in Gas-Filled Broadband-Guiding Photonic Crystal Fibers

Pooria Hosseini, M. K. Mridha, D. Novoa, A. Abdolvand, P. St. J. Russell

PHYSICAL REVIEW APPLIED 7(3) 034021 (2017) | Journal

Experimental demonstration of a predictable single photon source with variable photon flux

Aigar Vaigu, Geiland Porrovecchio, Xiao-Liu Chu, Sarah Lindner, Marek Smid, Albert Manninen, Christoph Becher, Vahid Sandoghdar, Stephan Gotzinger, et al.

Metrologia 54 218-223 (2017) | Journal

Generation of spectral clusters in a mixture of noble and Raman-active gases (vol 41, pg 5543, 2016)

Pooria Hosseini, Amir Abdolvand, Philip St. J. Russell

OPTICS LETTERS 42(3) 522-522 (2017) | Journal

Label-free optical detection of single enzyme-reactant reactions and associated conformational changes

Eugene Kim, Martin D. Baaske, Isabel Schuldes, Peter S. Wilsch, Frank Vollmer

SCIENCE ADVANCES 3(3) e1603044 (2017) | Journal

Temporal and spectral properties of quantum light

B. Stiller, U. Seyfarth, G. Leuchs, C. Fabre, V. Sandoghdar, N. Treps, L.F. Cugliandolo

Quantum Optics and Nanophotonics 169-227 (2017) | Book Chapter | PDF

Improving the phase super-sensitivity of squeezing-assisted interferometers by squeeze factor unbalancing

Mathieu Manceau, Farid Khalili, Maria Chekhova

NEW JOURNAL OF PHYSICS 19 013014 (2017) | Journal

Experimental detection of entanglement polytopes via local filters

Yuan-Yuan Zhao, Markus Grassl, Bei Zeng, Guo-Yong Xiang, Chao Zhang, Chuan-Feng Li, Guang-Can Guo

NPJ QUANTUM INFORMATION 3 11 (2017) | Journal

Low-loss single-mode negatively curved square-core hollow fibers

Yang Chen, Mohammed F. Saleh, Nicolas Y. Joly, Fabio Biancalana

OPTICS LETTERS 42(7) 1285-1288 (2017) | Journal

Discrete phase-space structures and Wigner functions for N qubits

C. Munoz, A. B. Klimov, L. Sanchez-Soto


Interaction Between Dirac Solitons and Jackiw-Rebbi States in Binary Waveguide Arrays

Truong X. Tran, Dung C. Duong, Fabio Biancalana

JOURNAL OF LIGHTWAVE TECHNOLOGY 35(23) 5092-5097 (2017) | Journal

Polarization-Selective Out-Coupling of Whispering-Gallery Modes

Florian Sedlmeir, Matthew R. Foreman, Ulrich Vogl, Richard Zeltner, Gerhard Schunk, Dmitry V. Strekalov, Christoph Marquardt, Gerd Leuchs, Harald G. L. Schwefel

PHYSICAL REVIEW APPLIED 7(2) 024029 (2017) | Journal

Hybrid photonic-crystal fiber

Christos Markos, John C. Travers, Amir Abdolvand, Benjamin J. Eggleton, Ole Bang

REVIEWS OF MODERN PHYSICS 89(4) 045003 (2017) | Journal

Helically twisted photonic crystal fibres

P. St. J. Russell, Ramin Beravat, G. K. L. Wong


Fundamental precision limit of a Mach-Zehnder interferometric sensor when one of the inputs is the vacuum

Masahiro Takeoka, Kaushik P. Seshadreesan, Chenglong You, Shuro Izumi, Jonathan P. Dowling

PHYSICAL REVIEW A 96(5) 052118 (2017) | Journal

Free-space quantum links under diverse weather conditions

D. Vasylyev, A. A. Semenov, W. Vogel, K. Guenthner, A. Thurn, O. Bayraktar, Ch. Marquardt

PHYSICAL REVIEW A 96(4) 043856 (2017) | Journal

Characterization and shaping of the time-frequency Schmidt mode spectrum of bright twin beams generated in gas-filled hollow-core photonic crystal fibers

M. A. Finger, N. Y. Joly, P. St. J. Russell, M. V. Chekhova

PHYSICAL REVIEW A 95(5) 053814 (2017) | Journal

Rapid screening of photoactivatable metallodrugs: photonic crystal fibre microflow reactor coupled to ESI mass spectrometry

Ruth J. McQuitty, Sarah Unterkofler, Tijmen G. Euser, Philip St J. Russell, Peter J. Sadler

RSC ADVANCES 7(59) 37340-37348 (2017) | Journal

Experimental demonstration of negative-valued polarization quasiprobability distribution

K. Yu. Spasibko, M. V. Chekhova, F. Ya. Khalili

PHYSICAL REVIEW A 96(2) 023822 (2017) | Journal

Plasmon coherence determination by nanoscattering

Yahong Chen, Andreas Norrman, Sergey A. Ponomarenko, Ari T. Friberg

OPTICS LETTERS 42(17) 3279-3282 (2017) | Journal

Quantum communication with coherent states of light

Imran Khan, Dominique Elser, Thomas Dirmeier, Christoph Marquardt, Gerd Leuchs


Effect of stray fields on Rydberg states in hollow-core PCF probed by higher-order modes

G. Epple, N. Y. Joly, T. G. Euser, P. St. J. Russell, R. Loew

OPTICS LETTERS 42(17) 3271-3274 (2017) | Journal

Detection Loss Tolerant Supersensitive Phase Measurement with an SU(1,1) Interferometer

Mathieu Manceau, Gerd Leuchs, Farid Khalili, Maria Chekhova

PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 119(22) 223604 (2017) | Journal

Acceleration of sub-relativistic electrons with an evanescent optical wave at a planar interface

M. Kozak, P. Beck, H. Deng, J. McNeur, N. Schoenenberger, C. Gaida, F. Stutzki, M. Gebhardt, J. Limpert, et al.

OPTICS EXPRESS 25(16) 19195-19204 (2017) | Journal

Temporal shaping of single photons enabled by entanglement

Valentin Averchenko, Denis Sych, Gerhard Schunk, Ulrich Vogl, Christoph Marquardt, Gerd Leuchs

PHYSICAL REVIEW A 96(4) 043822 (2017) | Journal

Levitated Plasmonic Nanoantennas in an Aqueous Environment

Yazgan Tuna, Ji Tae Kim, Hsuan-Wei Liu, Vahid Sandoghdar

ACS Nano 11 7674-7678 (2017) | Journal

Experimental realization of an absolute single-photon source based on a single nitrogen vacancy center in a nanodiamond

Beatrice Rodiek, Marco Lopez, Helmuth Hofer, Geiland Porrovecchio, Marek Smid, Xiao-Liu Chu, Stephan Gotzinger, Vahid Sandoghdar, Sarah Lindner, et al.

Optica 4 71-76 (2017) | Journal

Small slot waveguide rings for on-chip quantum optical circuits

Nir Rotenberg, Pierre Tuerschmann, Harald R. Haakh, Diego-Martin Cano, Stephan Goetzinger, Vahid Sandoghdar

Optics Express 25 5397-5414 (2017) | Journal

A Single-Emitter Gain Medium for Bright Coherent Radiation from a Plasmonic Nanoresonator

Pu Zhang, Igor Protsenko, Vahid Sandoghdar, Xue-Wen Chen

ACS Photonics 4 2738-2744 (2017) | Journal

Strong plasmonic enhancement of biexciton emission: controlled coupling of a single quantum dot to a gold nanocone antenna

Korenobu Matsuzaki, Simon Vassant, Hsuan-Wei Liu, Anke Dutschke, Bjoern Hoffmann, Xuewen Chen, Silke Christiansen, Matthew R. Buck, Jennifer A. Hollingsworth, et al.

Scientific Reports 7 42307 (2017) | Journal

High average power and single-cycle pulses from a mid-IR optical parametric chirped pulse amplifier

Ugaitz Elu, Matthias Baudisch, Hugo Pires, Francesco Tani, Michael H. Frosz, Felix Koettig, Alexey Ermolov, Philip St J. Russell, Jens Biegert

OPTICA 4(9) 1024-1029 (2017) | Journal

Fiber-Coupled 2-D n-i-pn-i-p Superlattice Photomixer Array

Sascha Preu, Christian Mueller-Landau, Stefan Malzer, Gottfried H. Doehler, Hong Lu, Arthur C. Gossard, Daniel Segovia-Vargas, Alejandro Rivera-Lavado, Enrique L. Garcia-Munoz


Generation of broadband mid-IR and UV light in gas-filled single-ring hollow-core PCF

Marco Cassataro, David Novoa, Mehmet C. Guenendi, Nitin N. Edavalath, Michael H. Frosz, John C. Travers, Philip St. J. Russell

OPTICS EXPRESS 25(7) 7637-7644 (2017) | Journal

The Formation of Calcified Nanospherites during Micropetrosis Represents a Unique Mineralization Mechanism in Aged Human Bone

Petar Milovanovic, Elizabeth A. Zimmermann, Annika vom Scheidt, Bjoern Hoffmann, George Sarau, Timur Yorgan, Michaela Schweizer, Michael Amling, Silke Christiansen, et al.

SMALL 13(3) 1602215 (2017) | Journal

Complementarity and Polarization Modulation in Photon Interference

Andreas Norrman, Kasimir Blomstedt, Tero Setala, Ari T. Friberg

PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 119(4) 040401 (2017) | Journal

Extracting the physical sector of quantum states

D. Mogilevtsev, Y. S. Teo, J. Rehacek, Z. Hradil, J. Tiedau, R. Kruse, G. Harder, C. Silberhorn, L. L. Sanchez-Soto

NEW JOURNAL OF PHYSICS 19 093008 (2017) | Journal

Lempel-Ziv Complexity of Photonic Quasicrystals

Juan J. Monzon, Angel Felipe, Luis L. Sanchez-Soto

CRYSTALS 7(7) 183 (2017) | Journal

Effect of ammonification temperature on the formation of coaxial GaN/Ga2O3 nanowires

Mukesh Kumar, George Sarau, Martin Heilmann, Silke Christiansen, Vikram Kumar, R. Singh

JOURNAL OF PHYSICS D-APPLIED PHYSICS 50(3) 035302 (2017) | Journal

Understanding GaN/InGaN core-shell growth towards high quality factor whispering gallery modes from non-polar InGaN quantum wells on GaN rods

C. Tessarek, S. Rechberger, C. Dieker, M. Heilmann, E. Spiecker, S. Christiansen

NANOTECHNOLOGY 28(48) 485601 (2017) | Journal

PHz-Wide Spectral Interference Through Coherent Plasma-Induced Fission of Higher-Order Solitons

F. Koettig, F. Tani, J. C. Travers, P. St. J. Russell

PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 118(26) 263902 (2017) | Journal

Broadband, Lensless, and Optomechanically Stabilized Coupling into Microfluidic Hollow-Core Photonic Crystal Fiber Using Glass Nanospike

Richard Zeltner, Shangran Xie, Riccardo Pennetta, Philip St J. Russell

ACS PHOTONICS 4(2) 378-383 (2017) | Journal

Photochemistry in a soft-glass single-ring hollow-core photonic crystal fibre

Ana M. Cubillas, Xin Jiang, Tijmen G. Euser, Nicola Taccardi, Bastian J. M. Etzold, Peter Wasserscheid, Philip St. J. Russell

ANALYST 142(6) 925-929 (2017) | Journal

Refractometry-based air pressure sensing using glass microspheres as high-Q whispering-gallery mode microresonators

Arturo Bianchetti, Alejandro Federico, Serge Vincent, Sivaraman Subramanian, Frank Vollmer

OPTICS COMMUNICATIONS 394 152-156 (2017) | Journal

Mode Matching for Optical Antennas

Thorsten Feichtner, Silke Christiansen, Bert Hecht

PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 119(21) 217401 (2017) | Journal

Mid-infrared dispersive wave generation in gas-filled photonic crystal fibre by transient ionization-driven changes in dispersion

F. Koettig, D. Novoa, F. Tani, M. C. Guenendi, M. Cassataro, J. C. Travers, P. St. J. Russell

NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 8 813 (2017) | Journal

Free space excitation of coupled Anderson-localized modes in photonic crystal waveguides with polarization tailored beam

Ali Mahdavi, Paul Roth, Jolly Xavier, Taofiq K. Paraiso, Peter Banzer, Frank Vollmer

APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS 110(24) 241101 (2017) | Journal

Using the focal phase to control attosecond processes

Dominik Hoff, Michael Krueger, Lothar Maisenbacher, Gerhard G. Paulus, Peter Hommelhoff, A. M. Sayler

JOURNAL OF OPTICS 19(12) 124007 (2017) | Journal

Orbital angular momentum modes of high-gain parametric down-conversion

Lina Beltran, Gaetano Frascella, Angela M. Perez, Robert Fickler, Polina R. Sharapova, Mathieu Manceau, Olga V. Tikhonova, Robert W. Boyd, Gerd Leuchs, et al.

JOURNAL OF OPTICS 19(4) 044005 (2017) | Journal

Noncritical generation of nonclassical frequency combs via spontaneous rotational symmetry breaking

Carlos Navarrete-Benlloch, Giuseppe Patera, Germán J. de Valcarcel

Physical Review A 96(4) 043801 (2017) | Journal | PDF

Coherent Coupling of a Single Molecule to a Scanning Fabry-Perot Microcavity

Daqing Wang, Hrishikesh Kelkar, Diego-Martin Cano, Tobias Utikal, Stephan Goetzinger, Vahid Sandoghdar

Physical Review X 7 021014 (2017) | Journal

Linear and angular momenta in tightly focused vortex segmented beams of light

Martin Neugebauer, Andrea Aiello, Peter Banzer

Chinese Optics Letters 15(3) 030003 (2017) | Journal | PDF

Continuously wavelength-tunable high harmonic generation via soliton dynamics

Francesco Tani, Michael H. Frosz, John C. Travers, Philip St. J. Russell

OPTICS LETTERS 42(9) 1768-1771 (2017) | Journal

Higher-order mode suppression in twisted single-ring hollow-core photonic crystal fibers

N. N. Edavalath, M. C. Guenendi, R. Beravat, G. K. L. Wong, M. H. Frosz, J. -M. Menard, P. St. J. Russell

OPTICS LETTERS 42(11) 2074-2077 (2017) | Journal

Generation of microjoule pulses in the deep ultraviolet at megahertz repetition rates

Felix Koettig, Francesco Tani, Christian Martens-Biersach, John C. Travers, Philip St J. Russell

OPTICA 4(10) 1272-1276 (2017) | Journal

Flexible femtosecond inscription of fiber Bragg gratings by an optimized deformable mirror

Thorsten A. Goebel, Christian Voigtlaender, Ria G. Kraemer, Daniel Richter, Maximilian Heck, Malte P. Siems, Christian Matzdorf, Claudia Reinlein, Michael Appelfelder, et al.

OPTICS LETTERS 42(20) 4215-4218 (2017) | Journal

Dimensionality of random light fields

Andreas Norrman, Ari T. Friberg, Jose J. Gil, Tero Setala


High-dimensional intracity quantum cryptography with structured photons

Alicia Sit, Frederic Bouchard, Robert Fickler, Jeremie Gagnon-Bischoff, Hugo Larocque, Khabat Heshami, Dominique Elser, Christian Peuntinger, Kevin Guenthner, et al.

OPTICA 4(9) 1006-1010 (2017) | Journal

Unconstrained Capacities of Quantum Key Distribution and Entanglement Distillation for Pure-Loss Bosonic Broadcast Channels

Masahiro Takeoka, Kaushik P. Seshadreesan, Mark M. Wilde

PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 119(15) 150501 (2017) | Journal

Broadband high-resolution multi-species CARS in gas-filled hollow-core photonic crystal fiber

Barbara M. Trabold, Robert J. R. Hupfer, Amir Abdolvand, Philip St. J. Russell

OPTICS LETTERS 42(17) 3283-3286 (2017) | Journal

Coherent control of flexural vibrations in dual-nanoweb fibers using phase-modulated two-frequency light

J. R. Koehler, R. E. Noskov, A. A. Sukhorukov, D. Novoa, P. St. J. Russell

PHYSICAL REVIEW A 96(6) 063822 (2017) | Journal

Generic method for lossless generation of arbitrarily shaped photons

Denis Sych, Valentin Averchenko, Gerd Leuchs

PHYSICAL REVIEW A 96(5) 053847 (2017) | Journal

Towards next-generation label-free biosensors: recent advances in whispering gallery mode sensors

Eugene Kim, Martin D. Baaske, Frank Vollmer

LAB ON A CHIP 17(7) 1190-1205 (2017) | Journal

Extremely broadband single-shot cross-correlation frequency-resolved optical gating using a transient grating as gate and dispersive element

H. Valtna-Lukner, F. Belli, A. Ermolov, F. Koettig, K. F. Mak, F. Tani, J. C. Travers, P. St. J. Russell

REVIEW OF SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS 88(7) 073106 (2017) | Journal

Phase sensitivity of gain-unbalanced nonlinear interferometers

Enno Giese, Samuel Lemieux, Mathieu Manceau, Robert Fickler, Robert W. Boyd

PHYSICAL REVIEW A 96(5) 053863 (2017) | Journal

Chip-Based All-Optical Control of Single Molecules Coherently Coupled to a Nanoguide

Pierre Tuerschmann, Nir Rotenberg, Jan Renger, Irina Harder, Olga Lohse, Tobias Utikal, Stephan Goetzinger, Vahid Sandoghdar

Nano Letters 17 4941-4945 (2017) | Journal

Production of Isolated Giant Unilamellar Vesicles under High Salt Concentrations

Hannah Stein, Susann Spindler, Navid Bonakdar, Chun Wang, Vahid Sandoghdar

Frontiers in Physiology 8 63 (2017) | Journal

A single molecule as a high-fidelity photon gun for producing intensity-squeezed light

Xiao-Liu Chu, Stephan Goetzinger, Vahid Sandoghdar

Nature Photonics 11 58-62 (2017) | Journal

Analytical formulation for the bend loss in single-ring hollow-core photonic crystal fibers

Michael H. Frosz, Paul Roth, Mehmet C. Guenendi, Philip St. J. Russell

PHOTONICS RESEARCH 5(2) 88-91 (2017) | Journal

Multiphoton Effects Enhanced due to Ultrafast Photon-Number Fluctuations

Kirill Yu. Spasibko, Denis A. Kopylov, Victor L. Krutyanskiy, Tatiana V. Murzina, Gerd Leuchs, Maria V. Chekhova

PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 119(22) 223603 (2017) | Journal

Laser-Patterning Engineering for Perovskite Solar Modules With 95% Aperture Ratio

Alessandro Lorenzo Palma, Fabio Matteocci, Antonio Agresti, Sara Pescetelli, Emanuele Calabro, Luigi Vesce, Silke Christiansen, Michael Schmidt, Aldo Di Carlo

IEEE JOURNAL OF PHOTOVOLTAICS 7(6) 1674-1680 (2017) | Journal

Low temperature solid-state wetting and formation of nanowelds in silver nanowires

Vuk V. Radmilovic, Manuela Goebelt, Colin Ophus, Silke Christiansen, Erdmann Spiecker, Velimir R. Radmilovic

NANOTECHNOLOGY 28(38) 385701 (2017) | Journal

Development of an optimal filter substrate for the identification of small microplastic particles in food by micro-Raman spectroscopy

Barbara E. Ossmann, George Sarau, Sebastian W. Schmitt, Heinrich Holtmannspoetter, Silke H. Christiansen, Wilhelm Dicke

ANALYTICAL AND BIOANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY 409(16) 4099-4109 (2017) | Journal

Fresnel-Reflection-Free Self-Aligning Nanospike Interface between a Step-Index Fiber and a Hollow-Core Photonic-Crystal-Fiber Gas Cell

Riccardo Pennetta, Shangran Xie, Frances Lenahan, Manoj Mridha, David Novoa, Philip St. J. Russell

PHYSICAL REVIEW APPLIED 8(1) 014014 (2017) | Journal

Photon bunching reveals single-electron cathodoluminescence excitation efficiency in InGaN quantum wells

Sophie Meuret, Toon Coenen, Hans Zeijlemaker, Michael Latzel, Silke Christiansen, Sonia Conesa-Boj, Albert Polman

PHYSICAL REVIEW B 96(3) 035308 (2017) | Journal

Potential of PEDOT: PSS as a hole selective front contact for silicon heterojunction solar cells

Sara Jaeckle, Martin Liebhaber, Clemens Gersmann, Mathias Mews, Klaus Jaeger, Silke Christiansen, Klaus Lips

SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 7 2170 (2017) | Journal

Cavity-Enhanced Transport of Charge

David Hagenmueller, Johannes Schachenmayer, Stefan Schutz, Claudiu Genes, Guido Pupillo

PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 119(22) 223601 (2017) | Journal

Polarization and phase-shifting interferometry for arbitrary, locally varying polarization states

Sergej Rothau, Christine Kellermann, Simon Mayer, Klaus Mantel, Norbert Lindlein

APPLIED OPTICS 56(5) 1422-1430 (2017) | Journal

Progress toward optimal quantum tomography with unbalanced homodyning

Y. S. Teo, H. Jeong, L. L. Sanchez-Soto

PHYSICAL REVIEW A 96(4) 042333 (2017) | Journal

Superiority of heterodyning over homodyning: An assessment with quadrature moments

Y. S. Teo, C. R. Mueller, H. Jeong, Z. Hradil, J. Rehacek, L. L. Sanchez-Soto

PHYSICAL REVIEW A 95(4) 042322 (2017) | Journal

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