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Polarization-Tailored Raman Frequency Conversion in Chiral Gas-Filled Hollow-Core Photonic Crystal Fibers

Sona Davtyan, David Novoa, Yang Chen, Michael Frosz, Philip Russell

Physical Review Letters 122(14) 143902 1-5 (2019) | Journal

Seeded and unseeded high-order parametric down-conversion

Cameron Okoth, Andrea Cavanna, Nicolas Joly, Maria Chekhova

Physical Review A 99 043809 (2019) | Journal

Mimicking Chiral Light-Matter Interaction

Sergey Nechayev, Peter Banzer

arXiv: 1904.01910v1 (2019) Preprint | PDF

Interferometric scattering microscopy reveals microsecond nanoscopic protein motion on a live cell membrane

Richard W. Taylor, Reza Gholami Mahmoodabadi, Verena Rauschenberger, Andreas Giessl, Alexandra Schambony, Vahid Sandoghdar

Nature Photonics (2019)

Nanoprinting organic molecules at the quantum level

Claudio U. Hail, Christian Höller, Korenobu Matsuzaki, Patrik Rohner, Jan Renger, Vahid Sandoghdar, Dimos Poulikakos, Hadi Eghlidi

Nature Communications, to appear (2019)

Study of broadband multimode light via non-phase-matched sum frequency generation

Denis Kopylov, Kirill Spasibko, Tatiana Murzina, Maria Chekhova

New Journal of Physics 21 033024 (2019) | Journal | PDF

Pulse-repetition-rate tuning of a harmonically mode-locked fiber laser using a tapered photonic crystal fiber

Dung-Han Yeh, Wenbin He, Meng Pang, Xin Jiang, Gordon Wong, Philip Russell

Optics Letters 44(7) 1580-1583 (2019) | Journal

Overcoming inefficient detection in sub-shot-noise absorption measurement and imaging

Eugene Knyazev, Farid Khalili, Maria Chekhova

Optics Express 27(6) 7868-7885 (2019) | Journal | PDF

Initialisation of single spin dressed states using shortcuts to adiabaticity

Johannes Kölbl, Arne Barfuss, Mark Kasperczyk, Lucas Thiel, Aashish Clerk, Hugo Ribeiro, Patrick Maletinsky

Physical Review Letters 122(9) 090502 (2019) | Journal

A primary radiation standard based on quantum nonlinear optics

Samuel Lemieux, Enno Giese, Robert Fickler, Maria Chekhova, Robert Boyd

Nature Physics (2019) | Journal

Super- and subradiance of clock atoms in multimode optical waveguides

Laurin Ostermann, Clément Meignant, Claudiu Genes, Helmut Ritsch

New Journal of Physics 21 025004 (2019) | Journal

Non-phase matched parametric down conversion in an ultrathin nonlinear layer

Cameron Okoth, Andrea Cavanna, Tomas Santiago-Cruz, Maria Chekhova

arXiv: 1902.11218 Preprint | PDF

Cavity Quantum Electrodynamics with Frequency-Dependent Reflectors

Ondrej Černotík, Aurelien Dantan, Claudiu Genes

arXiv:1902.10400 (2019) Preprint

Orbital-to-Spin Angular Momentum Conversion Employing Local Helicity

Sergey Nechayev, Jörg Eismann, Gerd Leuchs, Peter Banzer

Physical Review B 99(7) 075155 (2019) | Journal | PDF

Turning a molecule into a coherent two-level quantum system

Daqing Wang, Hrishikesh Kelkar, Diego-Martin Cano, Dominik Rattenbacher, Alexey Shkarin, Tobias Utikal, Stephan Götzinger, Vahid Sandoghdar

Nature Physics (2019) | Journal

Coherent coupling of single molecules to on-chip ring resonators

Dominik Rattenbacher, Alexey Shkarin, Jan Renger, Tobias Utikal, Stephan Götzinger, Vahid Sandoghdar

submitted, arXiv: 1902.05257 (2019) Preprint | PDF

Laser refrigeration using exciplex resonances in gas filled hollow-core fibres

Christian Sommer, Nicolas Y. Joly, Helmut Ritsch, Claudiu Genes

arXiv:1902.01216 (2019) Preprint | PDF

Interaction of light carrying orbital angular momentum with a chiral dipolar scatterer

Pawel Wozniak, Israel De León, Katja Höflich, Gerd Leuchs, Peter Banzer

arXiv: 1902.01731v1 (2019) Preprint | PDF

Direct characterization of tuneable few-femtosecond dispersive-wave pulses in the deep UV

Christian Brahms, Dane R. Austin, Francesco Tani, Allan S. Johnson, Douglas Garratt, John. C. Travers, John W. G. Tisch, Philip Russell, Jon P. Marangos

Optics Letters 44(4) 731-734 (2019) | Journal

Huygens' Dipole for Polarization-Controlled Nanoscale Light Routing

Sergey Nechayev, Jörg Eismann, Martin Neugebauer, Pawel Wozniak, Ankan Bag, Gerd Leuchs, Peter Banzer

arXiv: 1902.01231v1 (2019) Preprint | PDF

Multi-twist polarization ribbon topologies in highly-confined optical fields

Thomas Bauer, Peter Banzer, Frédéric Bouchard, Sergej Orlov, Lorenzo Marrucci, Enrico Santamato, Robert W Boyd, Ebrahim Karimi, Gerd Leuchs

arXiv: 1901.11337v1 (2019) Preprint | PDF

Experimental demonstration of linear and spinning Janus dipoles for polarisation and wavelength selective near-field coupling

M. F. Picardi, Martin Neugebauer, Jörg Eismann, Gerd Leuchs, Peter Banzer, F. J. Rodriguez-Fortuno, A. V. Zayats

arXiv: 1901.07236v1 (2019) Preprint | PDF

Interference effects in hybrid cavity optomechanics

Ondrej Černotík, Claudiu Genes, Aurelien Dantan

Quantum Science and Technology 4(2) 024002 (2019) | Journal | PDF

Vectorial vortex generation and phase singularities upon Brewster reflection

Rene Barczyk, Sergey Nechayev, Muhammad Abdullah Butt, Gerd Leuchs, Peter Banzer

arXiv: 1901.04397v1 (2019) Preprint | PDF

Weak measurement enhanced spin Hall effect of light for particle displacement sensing

Martin Neugebauer, Sergey Nechayev, Martin Vorndran, Gerd Leuchs, Peter Banzer

Nano Letters 19(1) 422-425 (2019) | Journal

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